Tips on How to Improve Your House’s Resale Value

Post by : Amy Sinden on 18.07.2022

Selling your house isn’t an easy task. Before you can present your home to the market for sale, there are several things that you have to accomplish. First, you must look into every nook and cranny and ensure everything is as perfect as possible. You cannot sell your house at maximum value if things need fixing. Your potential buyers will scoff at such things and try to reduce prices. 

In the property market, first impressions help seal the deal. If buyers like what they see, they would probably tender an offer, and you could move your property quickly. However, if the buyers don’t know the advantage of buying your property, you may have to wait longer to dispose of the asset at fair market value.

Here are some tips to improve your house’s resale value.

Inspect it with a professional realtor

If you want to maximise your profit, you have to work with an experienced realtor. First, you must inspect the property from top to bottom. You may need crittall replacements for your windows and doors, so you have to ask a specialist to handle them. They can help you see things you may overlook, like the need to restore or replace them entirely to increase the value. You also need to repaint the walls or replace the tiles and cabinetry.


One of the things you need to prioritise when thinking of selling your house is repainting the interior and exterior of the property. It will not only make your property look fresh, but it will also increase its value. In addition, you will cover blemishes and imperfections in the structure, increasing curb appeal. 

Improve bathroom and kitchen fixtures 

Realtors would tell you that among the things that make or break a deal are two rooms buyers specifically look into – the bathrooms and the kitchens. So, before selling your house, replace the knobs and drawer pulls, improve the fixtures such as faucets, sinks and water closets, take care of the tiles and walls and make the area look good with lots of mirrors or windows. 

Install energy-saving features 

If you have the budget, install cost- and energy-saving features. These include a water-filtration system for your kitchen, and a rainwater collection system to help you irrigate your plants or composting equipment and help you create organic fertiliser for your garden. You could also look into installing air purification systems for the rooms. 

Replace old carpets

If you have old carpets or area rugs, it may be best to replace them before you stage your open house. While they may hold sentimental value, they may also contain allergens and other substances that could affect the health of your potential buyers. 

Clean, clean, clean

Don’t overlook cleaning the house to increase the property value. Declutter the spaces and let the buyers envision what they can do with the area should they purchase the house. 


Preparing your house for resale isn’t a cut-and-dried affair. You have to work on many aspects to ensure that your home would be purchase-worthy to the right buyer. 

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