The Quick Guide to Finding the Right Translation Company to Help Grow Your Business

Post by : Sam Allcock on 20.11.2020

If you’re looking to expand overseas, finding the right translation company for your needs is a must. A good translation agency can provide you with quality translations that can help you to grow your business. But there are many different professional translation services to consider. How do you find one with the right background for your business? And how do you vet the background of the service? Below, we’ll go into how to assess all these facets of translation service in order to grow your operations. 

Translation Company Specialities

Many translation companies work in a generalist capacity, but specialities are an important consideration if you are looking to find the best professional translation services for your international marketing plan. For instance, if you need documents related to feed-in tariffs UK or Latest The Tariff News, you might want to consider getting a translation company that has experience translating for businesses.

A translation company that provides a wide variety of experienced translators is ideal if you need to handle a range of documents as part of your expansion plans. Language service provider Tomedes emphasises the importance of accessing a range of ancillary services in addition to translation, such as support with customer services or international business marketing. Look for a global, well-established translation company that provides the whole range of services that you need to achieve your multilingual goals. Some common specialities that might help your business include:

  • Legal translation: These specialists handle any type of legal document, from business contracts to court depositions to governmental forms. If you need a government form done the first time right, then legal translation specialists can help.
  • Business and finance translation: These translators handle anything that makes a business run, from presentations to emails to financial reports. 
  • Industry and technical translation: If you need technical documents or instructions translated while expanding into a new market, then this type of specialist will be able to help.

By sourcing a specialist translation company, you can access essential knowledge of the industry terms that your need to deliver in multiple languages.

How does a translation agency work? For online document translation services, you often provide the document you need translated through a secure website. The translators then translate the text, keeping the meaning and context the same between documents. A good translation company has many stages of review to make sure the document is in professional shape. Knowing how a good translation agency works will help you weed out lower-quality companies. 

The Importance of Localization and Transcreation for Quality Translations 

It’s important to get the process of international marketing right the first time. Only 40% of companies that went global in a survey of 20,000 had over 3% return on assets after 10 years. Beyond knowing industry jargon, professional translation services can also help with localization. This important element looks over a number of aspects of a document, advert, or website. Localization can: 

  • Change graphics to suit the cultural norms of the target market
  • Ensure the layout fits the newly translated text
  • Update content to fit consumer habits and preferences in the new market
  • Update units of measurement, currency symbols, and phone numbers, as well as other formats, to make sure they fit with local standards
  • Make sure the document adheres to local regulations like privacy laws or disclosure requirements
  • Keep the core message while ensuring language is sensitive to the new culture

Transcreation is another process that a professional translation service might help with. This helps adapt a message from one language to another while keeping the original goal, tone and intent in mind. It mainly applies to translating creative marketing copy from a business standpoint. It involves completely reworking the message to fit in with a new culture, which is often more necessary for marketing content, since it tends to rely on local references, cultural idioms and humour that might not translate to a new culture.   

Where to Find a Translation Company and How to Vet It

Most people find a translation company by looking online. They might use search terms like translation company UK or translation company near me. Some people also ask around their professional network to see if anyone has had a good experience with a translation company.

You should check the background of any translation company you are considering working with. See if the company has client testimonials or can give samples of work it has completed in the past. 

You might also look into the background of the translator. They should have a professional background and show that they took the time to formally learn the language they are translating. That could mean a higher education qualification. They could also have lived abroad in a country where that language is spoken. They may also have undertaken on-the-job training, work experience, or utilized work instruction templates to hone their skills in translating the language you need. Sometimes, the translator might have taken the time to get certified in translation, meaning they had enough skill to pass a certification exam.  

Pay attention to how your contact at the translation company communicates. They should be direct, detailed and forthcoming in answering your questions. You might ask them how they keep on deadline or how they make sure documents are completed in line with industry standards.

58% of small businesses have international customers, so it pays to find the right translation company to expand your business so that you can remain competitive in the globalised marketplace.

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