The Most Amazing Colours to Use in Your Show Home for 2022

Post by : Amy Sinden on 01.07.2022

People have a definite fondness for colours, and from a young age, we are introduced to primary colours that everyone loves – from reds to yellows to blues and all shades in between. As we grow older, we have our colour preferences, and we tend to choose these colours in the things we wear, in what we use every day, and of course, in our interior design choices. But what if you were to decorate a show home? You can’t decorate it with the colours you love, as much as you want! You have to go with what’s universally liked and accepted – hence, you must know what’s on-trend. Of course, classic hues will never go out of style, such as white or grey, but if you’d like a pop of colour on your feature wall or want to know what colours to use for your cushions or bed linen, here are the most amazing colours to use in your show home for 2022.

The 1970s are back!

As much as we’d hate to admit it, there’s something about those well-known and familiar 70s shades that is comforting and relaxing. And if you think you’ve seen the last of them, think again. Ochre, terracotta, and even beige are back, and they’ve quickly taken over the usual shades of grey that was once the norm. Earth colours are trending, but don’t take it too far – just a splash will do (unlike in the 70s, where they were everywhere – even the drapes and carpet!). And what’s more, the colours from the 80s are back, too, and they’re seen in décor and glassware such as mirrored tables.

Jewelled hues

If there’s something in tune with the rest of us, it’s stormy and dark hues. These shades were trendy in recent years, and they’re still on-trend right now with dark jewelled hues used in feature windows, staircases, or distinctive woodwork. These colours are rich and elegant, such as red-black pr plum, and their warm undertones make for a striking contrast with the popular charcoal greys, as shown by showhome interior design specialists such as Blocc. The colours go well with cooler shades and pair wonderfully with nude or pink hues.

Warm and neutral

The trend of cooler colours – such as creams and greys – continues to transform and has become warmer, with neutral stone becoming the trendy colour right now. It’s all about creating a warm, cocoon-like space, such as alcoves and dens, that has an inviting and cosy feeling. Think stony, earthy tones combined with softer greens, which provide a more restful atmosphere than their cooler options. The best news is you can use these in all areas of a home, which makes it more welcoming and sophisticated.

Furniture with bolder shades

If you’re tired of the usual light brown and grey for chairs and other pieces of furniture, you’ll be glad to know of this trend – which is furniture with bolder shades and hues! If you aren’t comfortable choosing a bold colour for your accent wall, why not go for a few statement pieces of furniture, such as an armchair, an end table, or a coffee table? This allows you to create an impact whilst not being too overpowering, and one bold and beautiful colour that is making a splash is – you guessed it – red in a primary hue. It feels timeless and vintage but is bold enough to create a striking contrast.

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