The Inspection of Welding machines for Solar devices

Post by : Sam Allcock on 10.05.2021

The process of producing solar panels comes with a few operations, one of which is welding.

You need to weld parts of the solar device together, for example, the platform on which to place the solar cells. Hence, you will need a level of welding accuracy to get a quality product.

But how do you ascertain the welding quality, you ask.

Well, that’s where X-ray welding machines come in. X-rays for inspecting welding jobs for defects and accuracy have been the standard practice in the industry for a long time. The reason is that X-ray inspection has a lot of merits, chief of which is the ability to inspect hidden and hard-to-reach areas in a product.

X-ray machines project radiations on an object during an inspection which penetrates the material to reveal internal details and the state of the materials.

Hence, you can identify a hidden crack, weld discontinuity, or porosity in a welding job quickly from the image produced from the X-ray projection on the sample.

However, the major challenge is selecting a credible X-ray welding machine manufacturer with a consistent track record of quality.

This guide will highlight the leading manufacturers of welding machines with years of track record of quality delivery and what sets them apart from the rest in the industry.

Selection criteria for manufacturers

If you must select the very best manufacturer, then there are a few but essential things you will need to consider.

  1. The quality of the machine – This is essential for precision and accurate results. What determines the quality of the device can include the voltage requirements as the higher voltage ensures a higher penetration for thicker materials.

Other quality factors include image resolution, X-ray tube type, automation, power, and portability.

  1. Cost of the machine – This criterion is at par with quality when it comes to manufacturer selection. The X-ray machine cost should be competitive without reducing the quality of the inspection. However, some other factors can control the cost of purchasing a welding machine, including warranty, model type, delivery, automation, and delivery.
  2. Technology development – This is also key if you must select the fitting manufacturer as a research-driven manufacturer is likely to have better technology. It also ensures that the manufacturer can provide you with a tailor-made X-ray solution for your inspection needs.
  3. After-sales and maintenance service is another critical criterion to consider in selecting a suitably qualified welding machine manufacturer.

X-ray welding machine manufacturers

Here are the industry-leading manufacturers selected based on their track record of excellence and quality delivery of X-ray welding machines.

Uni X-ray

This company is a Chinese X-ray welding machine manufacturer with excellence. Their reputation for high-quality welding inspection has been consistent for close to two decades.

With its numerous clientele base comprising both local and international companies, Uni X-ray has been able to demonstrate high-level compliance to the best industry standards.

Perhaps, their unique selling point is their competitive pricing which is the lowest in the industry without compromising the quality of results obtained from their machines.

Further, they are a research-oriented company that has developed advanced technology in the X-ray industry. This element has seen them manufacture various machines with unique and specific functions suited for individual needs.

Special functions of their machines include high image resolution for accurate result analysis, increased inspection capabilities, various components, and superb ergonomics.

Other capabilities of their machines include high repeat accuracy for detection, platform maneuverability, and good rotation for easy error detection. 


Based in Germany, this X-ray machine manufacturer is also one of the best in the industry with many years of experience.

They have various machines for different inspection requirements, including weld inspection.

Key features common to their range of machines include speedy generation of imagery with varied sample tables, intuitive operations interface, optimized yield enhancements, and data integration and communication in real-time.

Other notable features include an X-ray tube with high capacity, virtual cross-examination in 3D, and CT options for upgrades.


Finally, suppose you must meet your need for quality welding inspection. In that case, you must critically consider all the criteria highlighted above in this guide.

It would be best if you also considered the cost implications of choosing the wrong manufacturer since the cost of X-ray machines is not cheap. The wrong choice of manufacturer can also set you back a couple of months from meeting your deliverables. The energy and resources wasted can also be enormous and cannot be got back.

So, you must count the cost and do proper screening of all manufacturers before committing to one.

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