The Benefits of Off Grid Solar

Post by : Sam Allcock on 23.07.2020

When residential or commercial properties initially go solar, they believe that have officially gone “off the grid.” The owners of these properties do not understand is that at nighttime, the energy they need to power their properties is channelled through their utility provider. Even when you purchase solar panels and have a solar system – you are still attached to the grid. The reason being is that most business owners and homeowners do not invest in an additional energy storage system, such as a Tesla Powerwall. With an energy storage system, all the power you generate from your solar panels can be stored safely and efficiently. You can use said power at any time of the day, without calling upon your utility provider whatsoever, thus creating a powerful off grid solar system. This off grid solar system will truly make your property a “green” house and has three tremendous benefits. Firstly, it will reduce your energy bills by a considerable margin, and in some cases, you will have no energy bill to pay anymore. Secondly, by having an off grid solar system, you are protected from sudden blackouts, natural events, and anything that can potentially stop your energy flow. Finally, your carbon footprint for your home or business is now zero, which can be used as a selling point when you need to sell your home or to create additional value for your business’s products and services. In this article, we will go into further detail about these three benefits, and how off grid solar may be right for you.

 1. Reduction of Energy Costs

The primary reason most homeowners or businesses go solar is that they want to save money on their energy bills. But what if you had the opportunity to never pay another energy bill ever again? How much money would you save in the long run? To create your own off grid solar system, you will first need to invest in an energy storage system. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they provide enormous value to your home. As your solar panels continually absorb energy from the sun, as you are not using the power within your home, the converted energy will then be sent into your energy storage system. This off grid solar system allows you and your family to use solar power even at night, without calling upon your utility providers at all. Your energy storage system will be continuously replenished every day, and you will reap the rewards of being completely off the grid.

 2. Reliability

 Sudden blackouts and violent natural events are some of the situations that can cause you to lose power. The stress of having no power is a gigantic crutch to any business and is an annoying event to experience when you are at home with your family. With off grid solar systems, you will never need to rely on your utility provider for energy. Your home or business will be entirely self-sufficient, which reduces your carbon footprint and adds additional value to your home’s price and your business’s net worth.

3. Reduction of Your Carbon Footprint

You save a lot of green by going green, and with off grid solar energy, your carbon footprint for your home or business will be reduced to virtually zero. This plays a significant impact on your local environment and will also be a big help to the global community. All homes and businesses use a colossal amount of energy to maintain their standards of work/living, and the amount of fossil fuels used to sustain this energy is enormous. By going solar and by having an off-grid solar system, your home and business will never need to utilize fossil fuels ever again. With off grid solar you can not only save a large amount of money, but you will also have a reliable and 100% green energy system. Utilizing the sun and its power is one step forward for you and your family, but by storing the sun’s energy – you can be free from the grip of utility providers and the usage of fossil fuels. Off grid solar systems are the way of the future and is the next stage for residential and commercial renewable energy systems.

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