The Benefits Of Electric Delivery Scooters

Post by : Elliot Preece on 03.12.2018

Delivery scooters are used far and wide, across the country for businesses spanning industries from food to banking. Whether your company is an upmarket courier service that provides instant delivery from one side of the city to another, or a pizza joint filling orders, one thing is for sure; you couldn’t do any of it without your trusty delivery scooter.

Delivery scooters are easy to park, cheap enough to run and far less maintenance than a car but what would you say if we said there was another option? This option would be just as convenient but far cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain and dare we say, great for your company’s image? It’s not too dissimilar to the delivery bikes you use now in fact, the only difference being, it’s electric.

Electric Delivery scooters are taking over and for good reason too. Check out below for the two major benefits you can expect to see when you replace your petrol fuelled fleet with eco-friendly electric cargo bikes.

Electric Cargo Bikes; Why You Need Them

They Save You Money – perhaps one of the best benefits for companies would be the money-saving aspect. Before you’ve even charged your electric mopeds, you’ll be saving money thanks to a distinct lack of tax and MOT. Then it’s simply down to the difference in cost between petrol and electricity. One of the reasons courier services choose bikes is down to them being cheap to run when compared to a car.

The fact remains however, that they still require very costly petrol. Electric delivery scooters however, require a charge via a plug point. One full charge, offering anywhere around 50 plus miles costs pennies compared to petrol. The difference will be noticeable almost instantly. Electric cargo bikes are also super cheap to maintain because they require very little maintenance.

There’s no motor to go wrong, just a battery. In fact some have described the electronic counterpart as being virtually maintenance free. That means no annual servicing required.  

They’re Eco-Friendly – with the only fuel required being electricity, that means saying goodbye to petrol and subsequently the carbon it produces. Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just good for your conscience; it’s amazing for our planet. Becoming eco-friendly is also a fantastic aspect in terms of your overall image. People are very conscious about ‘going green’ and are now choosing ‘green’ companies over others as we all strive to be that little bit more environmentally friendly.

It’s Time To Choose Electric

Money saving and eco-friendliness aside, electric delivery scooters are quality vehicles that allow your drivers to shoot from one side of the city to another with ease. With the perfect branding space on the cargo box and speeds more than fast enough for inner city traffic, there’s no reason why your company should still be using petrol. If you’d like more information on electric delivery scooters, or electric vehicles get in contact with E Rider Bikes today!

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