Solar-Powered air conditioner, is this a good option for you?

Post by : Sam Allcock on 19.11.2020

During the summer months, your energy monthly bills are prone to increase due to your attempt to fight the hot weather with your AC. That is why solar air conditioners are a good alternative.

Solar panels for air conditioning are a brand new implementation in the energy sector. There are a lot of people that use panels to power different electrical devices and an air conditioner is not an exception.

Maybe you have heard about solar panels and its link with air conditioners, or maybe not. As this is relatively new, you should be wondering how this works, how much this costs, if it will be profitable in the long term and if this would be convenient for you.

If you want an answer for all of your questions, keep reading.

How does solar air conditioners work?

Solar air conditioners are similar to the traditional ones, but with the difference that the energy they use comes from the sun and not from the electricity.

A solar air conditioner uses an external heat source like a solar panel to work. These panels collect the temperature to heat the refrigerant and to transform it from gas to liquid.

What are the types of solar air conditioners?

There are two types of solar air conditioners.

  • Hybrid solar air conditioners.
  • Solar air conditioners by absorption.

Hybrid solar air conditioners

This system has a series of photovoltaic panels that will absorb solar energy and feed the air conditioner, but it is called hybrid because this type of solar air conditioner requires an electrical connection to be able to work on the days with no sun.

This solar air conditioner system is the most popular in the market regarding solar appliances.

Solar air conditioners by absorption

This system includes a liquid that acts as a refrigerant. Its power consumption is much lower compared to traditional systems, but its performance is much lower as well.

Furthermore, it will work better in times of high heat and abundant sun. This kind of system  is still in the process of development and improvement because of its high cost and low performance.

What are the requirements to install a solar air conditioning system?

As you will need solar energy, ideally, you live in a place where the sun rays are constant. This especially will be a requirement for a solar air conditioner system by absorption because with a hybrid system you can use solar energy as well as electricity.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the house if there is space to install the solar panels based on how much energy you will need, and also you need to take into consideration your budget and if this installation will be convenient for you.

Furthermore, you need to evaluate if in your region you have many options to choose from when it comes to solar panels installation.

What are the Advantages of solar air conditioning

The season is perfect for a solar air conditioning system

The use of solar panels for air conditioning is seasonal since you will only use this device during the hot months. The good news is that these months are the ones with a higher level of radiation, and, therefore, the use of plates as a feeding system is ideal. Your air conditioner will work perfectly fine

You will save money

Air conditioners usually consume a considerable amount of electricity, causing the electricity bill to increase as well, especially in summer months. Air conditioning is a device that needs large amounts of electricity to operate at full capacity, but with solar panels, the air conditioner use will not have any impact on the electricity bill.

Low Maintenance costs

Keep in mind that a solar air conditioner as well as a regular air conditioner needs maintenance. So this is an investment that you will have to do either if you buy a solar air conditioner or a traditional one. Still, the maintenance cost of the solar air conditioner is cheaper than the maintenance for the traditional one.

You will be taking care of the environment

You have to keep in mind that solar energy is clean energy. This is a factor to take into consideration since solar panels for air conditioning do not generate any harmful waste for the environment.

Remember that using solar energy is a simple and easy way to take care of our environment and will help reduce the damage that we can cause without even realizing it. This is an easy way to reduce your property’s carbon footprint and while conserving the environment for future generations.

What are the limitations of a solar air conditioner?

High initial cost

The cost of installing an air conditioner unit is higher than the installation of a traditional air conditioner as you will have to pay for the solar panels, the batteries, the electrical wiring and the professional that will be going to install the solar panels in your home. However, you will save money in the long run as you will save on your energy bills.

Lower performance on cloudy days

When you have a device working on solar panels you need to be aware that its performance will depend on the weather conditions, but you can mitigate this by acquiring a hybrid air conditioner.

What happens if you already have installed solar panels?

Remember that an air conditioner is not the only appliance that works with solar energy, so it doesn’t have to be your only reason for acquiring solar panels.

Solar energy is an effective way to generate renewable energy for your air conditioner, while also providing power to the rest of your appliances.

Also, if you already have solar panels installed in your home and are struggling with the hot weather, you should be thinking about installing an air conditioner.

Keep in mind that to make a decision you have to evaluate all the pros and cons to evaluate what is best for you.

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