Smart Home Technologies That Can Increase Your Property Value

Post by : Sam Allcock on 05.10.2021

People used to increase the value of the property by making minor additions to their homes. But now, you don’t have to clutter your house to make it look good, but you can upgrade your house with technology. Technology is a wonder that instantly increases the value of your property. When people look for new homes to live in, they will carefully note the technological features. If you want to put your house on the market, making technological advancements is an excellent choice to add value to your home. Following are few technological upgrades that can help you get a reasonable price for your house.

1.     Smart Locking system:

Installing a smart lock is very easy. It is highly convenient and will provide you a great deal of home Security. These smart locks will allow you to use voice commands or an app for locking and unlocking your doors. Other features that may come along with these smart additions would be tamper alarms and email notifications that track who is coming to your home and leaving. These systems are highly customizable and can be linked to your phone. They also Include motion detectors that would inform you and the nearest police station if someone breaks into your house.

  • Smart Video doorbells:

Installing smart video doorbells is relatively cheaper and is easy to install and use. It lets you see who is at your doorstep and lets you communicate with them without opening your doors. These Smart Video doorbells can be connected to your phone. So supposedly, you’re not home; you can still communicate with the person at your doorstep.

  • Security CCTV Cameras:

Who doesn’t like extra protection to their properties? Installing security cameras on your property can be an excellent upgrade. They are easier to install and can be found in any electronic store nearby. These security cameras are an excellent addition to be added to your home. The images from these camera records can be stored in the cloud, so you don’t need a hard drive to save the data. You can log into your smartphone and check the footage recorded.

  • Smart thermostats:

You already have a thermostat in your house. But with the new technology, the thermostats can also be connected to the WIFI. The tech companies now produce smart thermostats that have more benefits to it now than they had before. Smart thermostats can be pre-programmed so that your house is always at the temperature that you want.

  • Smart Smoke Detectors:

Traditional smoke detectors inform you only when smoke is detected, but sometimes you forget to check the battery only to know that it has been dead for about weeks when it is too late. The smart smoke detectors inform you about the smoke that is detected as well as alert you when the battery is low so that you don’t live in any false sense of security. Having a Smart smoke detector not only adds value to your house but lessens the insurance rate as well.

  • Smart Lighting fixtures and features:

Installing an intelligent lighting system in the house can add considerable value to your home. Installing LEDs in your home can reduce energy usage. Buyers love the idea of their electricity bills being substantially lower. Besides that, smart lighting can completely transform a home. Just a tap of the button or a voice command can change the entire mood and atmosphere. Even when you are not around, you can set the system to imitate your presence at home via smart lights, serving as security. Making the right decision of choosing a technology upgrade for your home will give you a sense of control over your appliances while also increasing your convenience.

  • Home voice command tech:

Virtual assistants prevalent in homes don’t seem like an attractive product. However, they can help you impress potential buyers by describing the property as up-to-date and will also add value to your home. The voice command tech can control and dictate other appliances that may be present in the house. Adding one simple gadget to your home will give the potential buyers an impression of modernity, convincing them that the entire house is advanced and worth the high price they are being asked for.


These days everything is about technology. In this era, no one wants something old and boring. That is why adding technological advancement is a great choice to increase the demand and value of the property. Adding any of the following gadgets will give the idea of a smart house that will increase the value of your home.

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