Reasons You Need To Get A New Home And Move To London In 2022

Post by : Amy Sinden on 22.12.2021


The beautiful city of London is one of the most attractive destinations to live in. From leading celebrities to sportsmen, leading industrialists, and start-up founders, everyone seems to have a house in London. Apart from cities like New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and Dubai, London has always been on the list of the rich and famous as far as purchasing real estate is concerned.

London has a long and storied history, has emerged as a major epicenter for global economic and finance, and enjoys the distinction of being a great center for education and culture. Rich families from the Far East have for decades sent their children to London to get higher education from the world’s most reputed schools, colleges, and universities.

In this resource article, we are going to look at five important reasons why you need to get a new home and move to London. If you or someone you know is looking to invest in a new property and move to London in 2022, this article will help address many of your doubts and queries.

List of 5 Reasons you need to get home and move to London in 2022

  1. Attractive Property Rates in the aftermath of Pandemic and Brexit-

While there is no denying the fact that London and its suburbs are one of the most expensive per square footage cities in the world, there are two factors that have led to stagnant prices. The COVID-19 Pandemic as well as the Brexit have translated into the property market not growing as it should have. This means you can snap great properties at attractive prices right now.

  1. Great and Fast Appreciation on your Real Estate Investments in London-

London is one of the fastest-growing property markets in the world. Property rates appreciate in the region of 2x or 3x within a few years. This makes it a great option in terms of investment for individuals and families looking at safe and stable growth on their property. Once the effects of pandemic and Brexit are over (in a couple of years) this is going to appreciate.

  1. London is the Epicentre of Global Finance, Capital, and Business-

 If you are looking to move to a city that promises the best professional and employment opportunities, as well as ensures a great environment for businesses, few places in the world can beat London. Corporate professionals looking to give their careers a boost can look to make the shift in the hopes of a better standard of living. Business owners should also explore this.

  1. A Diverse and Multicultural Hub of Races, Ethnicities, and Identities-

From individuals from the Middle East to enterprising professionals from Asia, London has become a diverse melting pot of cultures, customs, and ways of living. No matter what nationality you belong to, you will never feel out of place on a London street. This has made London an attractive destination for expats looking to relocate from their home countries.

  1. Provides the leading necessities in terms of entertainment, schools and more-

We already pointed out that London has the world’s best educational institutions. Whether you are looking at boarding schools or colleges and universities, very few countries can boast of an educational environment as rich as London. Additionally, you have multiple centers and avenues for entertainment, shopping districts, and more that are essential for families.

Things to note when moving to London in 2022

In this section, we are going to list down some important things you should note when you move to London-

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that you are hiring the best house removals in london to plan your shift. If you are moving from some other part of the UK to London, you need to ensure that none of your assets or furniture get damaged during the transition.
  • Secondly, make sure that you are working with a reputed property dealer when it comes to buying the property. Do not fall for an investment that is part of a ‘property chain’, meaning it is dependent on future sales.
  • Thirdly, take into account the London neighbourhood and weigh your options in terms of what you are looking for. If you want to be in a good school district, you might have to pay a higher sum above the current market rates.

The Bottom Line

London promises a higher and better standard of living to new residents. By following the points in the article, you can make an informed decision on moving to London. If you would like us to assist you in any way, please let us know in the comments below. We would be more than happy to help answer all your queries and doubts.

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