PRS Group slash time to invoice with electronic earthworks ticketing solution from PODFather

Post by : Amy Sinden on 01.07.2021

PRS Group (also known as P Ryan & Son Ltd), the family-run construction industry supply chain specialist based in Glasgow, has revolutionized its invoice process thanks to an electronic earthworks ticketing solution from software specialist, PODFather.  The PRS Group has evolved over its 37-year history from being an owner driver with one truck to now a mixed fleet of tippers, low loaders, road sweepers, and excavators servicing sites across Central Scotland and down into England.  With hundreds of loads now running each week the PRS Group management team recognised the need to introduce technology to help eradicate process inefficiencies associated with the use of paper tickets.  PODFather was selected based on its proven success in the construction sector and since its introduction has slashed time to invoice from one month to less than 24 hours.  Business processes have been overhauled as a result, and with PODFather by its side, the PRS Group are now putting plans in place for future growth.

“PODFather has helped us eradicate paper tickets and improve our business process but the main benefit for me is that it allows us to invoice for work almost immediately,” comments Stevie Ryan, Operations Director at PRS Group.  “Before PODFather we were sitting on piles of paper tickets, and invoicing at the end of each month which took days to sort.  Now that we have instant visibility of what’s going on, and copies of all the electronic tickets which means we can invoice on the same day that work is completed.  This has made a huge difference to our business.”

The PRS Group is using PODFather’s Earthworks solution which has been designed to meet the needs of construction logistics suppliers allocating loads, moving materials, and dealing with waste and recycling matter.  For the PRS Group, where they are planning and managing the movement of aggregate materials as well as handling muck away loads PODFather’s cloud-based back-office system makes short work of allocating loads to vehicles, while the easy-to-use driver app gives the operations team full visibility of real time progress and load completion.  The PODFather driver app, which runs on the most basic of smartphone or tablet and is available in both Android and iOS versions, has been well received by the drivers at the PRS Group.

“In the past we struggled with trying to decipher ripped, illegible or damaged tickets, which has always been part and parcel of this industry but is something that makes invoicing a very admin heavy and time-consuming process,” adds Stevie.  “Recently, when managing a 7,000-ton order phase 1 was completed using paper tickets, which left us with unallocated loads and invoice discrepancies but when we ran phase 2 with the same volume through the PODFather system it took just six minutes to process the work and get the invoices out the door without one discrepancy.  I think you’d be hard pushed to beat that in terms of efficiency!”

Still very much a family run company, with first, second and now third generation family members coming into the business, PRS Group sees a bright future for the construction industry in its geographical region.  With PODFather in place the PRS management team feel confident that it has the right supplier by its side to help manage its electronic ticketing processes now, and in the future.

“Our electronic ticketing process is definitely making its mark on the UK construction logistics industry,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather.  “Our out of the box Earthworks product, as used by the PRS Group, provides operators with a simple to use, yet highly effective solution that makes short work of the paper ticket and invoicing problems that have dogged the construction industry for so many years.

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