Paying Your Household Bills – How often should I change energy suppliers?

Post by : Amy Sinden on 03.09.2021

It is common knowledge that you can save money by switching energy suppliers. The question most people have is how often they should change energy suppliers. Most experts suggest that you find new suppliers every 12 months, and this should get you the best deals. However, you shouldn’t go to a new provider just for the sake of switching suppliers. Instead, you should take time to check how much you are likely to save by making the move.

Your current provider such as Vattenfall Sähkö may already be offering competitive rates, and in such cases, it is not necessary to look for a new one. In order to determine whether switching will help you save money, you should compare electricity contract online. It is possible that your current provider will not want to lose you as a customer, and they may offer an additional discount when you bring up the issue of switching suppliers.

What are the disadvantages of solar energy?

Many people have been moving to solar energy, but this has some disadvantages you should note. Firstly, the initial cost of purchasing solar power systems is very high. Some of the items you will need to buy include solar panels, batteries, wiring, and inverters. You will also have to install the system, and this will likely require you to pay extra fees. The initial costs of solar energy might go down in the future, but at present, you will take a long time to break even.

You should also remember that solar panels work best in warm weather. Although energy can still be generated on cloudy days, the amount you get will be very low and may not be sufficient to power up all your appliances. This means you will still need to get a reliable energy supplier.

It is also worth noting that storing solar energy is quite expensive to store. Therefore, it will only be worth it if you are able to use all the energy immediately. In normal situations, people have to generate solar energy during the day, and this will have to be stored in large batteries. To save money, you can use solar energy during the day, then switch to regular grid energy at night.

You should also remember that solar panels require a lot of space. If your roof is not large enough, you will not be able to fit a good number of solar panels, and that means you will be unable to generate a sufficient amount of electricity.

The main benefit of solar energy is that it does not pollute the environment as much as other forms of energy. The only source of pollution when using solar energy is the emission of greenhouse gasses during the transportation and installation of solar panels. Once the systems are set up, they will simply use renewable solar energy to generate electricity, and this is not depletable. Also, the carbon emissions from electricity generation will be eliminated.

Can I install solar panels myself?

Installing solar panels is not as simple as mounting light fixtures or swapping water filtration systems. However, you will still be able to install them on your own. Many people are able to install solar panels by watching YouTube videos. Although this is possible, it is not advisable since small errors in the installation can end up costing you a lot of money. To maximize savings and functionality, you will need to get the angling right. Also, there are some installation rules that have to be followed during the installation process.


Changing your energy supplier can significantly lower your energy costs. You should shop around for alternative electricity suppliers every 12 months, and you can even use online tools to compare the rates. Although solar energy has a number of benefits, you should note that it cannot completely replace energy from the grid. Therefore, you should still consider shopping for cheaper energy suppliers.

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