Online gaming websites Design Features

Post by : Sam Allcock on 26.05.2021

The design of an online casino not registered with gamstop plays a very important role. Today, there are many online gambling establishments and new ones appear every day. All this increases the competition between gambling sites.
Nothing attracts the eye of a visitor visiting the site for the first time like a nice interface. And it’s not just about the color scheme. For regular users, over time, the convenience of the interface and the correct location of the site management buttons and menus come out in the first place.
There are some basic principles in the visual design of a gambling site and what should be the design of an online casino.
To make the site more interesting for users, there are a number of recommendations for its design. Among these are the following:

  • 1. The design of an online casino will be more pleasant if the background of the page is made black or executed in other dark colors;
  • 2. The use of a news page, which publishes the names of the winners and the size of their winnings, stimulates the activity of players;
  • 3. The list of available games should be located on the first page of the site;
  • 4. Find the registration button should be easy, and the procedure for creating an account should not cause any difficulties for customers;
  • 5. Offers for ongoing promotions must be indicated on the home page;
  • 6. Choosing the right color scheme (it is recommended to use red, black, green, black or blue shades);
  • 7. Easy to navigate the site and easy to search for games;
  • 8. Using images and icons of the same size.

Every online casino owner has their own views on the design of an online casino. But the more of the above recommendations will be taken into account when designing the site, the higher the chances that players will want to visit this playground next time.

Color gamut and brightness

A pleasant combination of different shades is very important, because spending time on a site is more pleasant when its pages look harmonious. But it is also not recommended to use too rich colors, or you need to use them in moderation, so that online casino in uk users do not get too tired of bright colors.
Too colorful design of an online casino can only irritate some potential customers. But the paleness of the site also does not play into the hands of the owners of the gambling establishment. If the design of an online casino is unremarkable, the page may seem uninteresting even before the player wants to understand its functionality. You need to find the “golden mean” and choose the right combination of tones, and then the gamblers have a desire to stay on the site longer.
The design of the main page should be bright, but not intrusive. The specifics of land-based casinos and online establishments are very different. If in the first case, to attract the attention of customers, the use of bright and flashing lights is welcome, then in an online institution this can only alienate some gamblers.

Online Casino Logo

Part of the success of the brand depends on the choice of the logo. A good logo should be associated with positive emotions and possible success. In the logo, it is better to use inscriptions written not in block letters, but in beautiful and elegant italics. This will add aesthetics to the name and make it more attractive.
Paired with beautiful inscriptions, you should use images that:

  • 1. associated with the name of an online institution;
  • 2. are symbols of success or luxury;
  • 3. they fuel the desire to try to win at the casino.

When creating a logo, you also need to remember that it should not be too complicated. Apply the minimum number of elements that will be indicated on the logo. This will make the brand symbol easier to remember, as well as easier to decipher its meaning.

Interface Features

It will be difficult to keep customers on the site just by visual design. After the page attracts the user’s attention, they will want to understand the interface of the online casino. At this stage, an important role is played by the functionality of the site, the convenience of the location of the menu and other important options that should be available to the visitor.
The interface of a successful casino should be intuitive. Players visit the online establishment in order to have fun. A long search for the necessary functions, sections, games and other components, do not contribute to an interesting pastime. All the main sections of the menu, popular games and registration buttons, search for games using filters, should be visible and not be lost among the general information.
It is recommended to place the main sections and search filters at the top of the screen. A new user, once on the site for the first time, should find what he is looking for in a few clicks. Otherwise, his interest in this page drops noticeably.
All important buttons that push the player to perform certain actions, such as adding funds to the account or registering, must be highlighted and immediately catch the eye.


The design of an online casino plays an important role in its successful development. The site should make the player want to stay on the portal longer. A well-designed interface should be not only beautiful, but also convenient.

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