OfficeJet Printers: Advantages and Features

Post by : Elliot Preece on 22.03.2021

When you want a new printer that offers many features then an OfficeJet is a great choice. Made by HP, this series offers all-in-one features and is a durable and versatile piece of kit. Read on to find out why we love it so much!

Why HP Printers Are so Popular

HP printers have been a popular choice for many years because the brand focuses on quality and does not use cheap parts. This commitment means that you can enjoy a new printer that will last for many years to come! In fact, if you take the time to find the best choice for your needs now then you can expect not to have to buy a new printer for at least a decade.

The Biggest Advantages of Owning an OfficeJet Printer

The biggest advantage OfficeJet owners enjoy is that their printer offers all-in-one capability. This means you can print, copy, scan and even fax on some models. The great thing about this is that there is less room required to enjoy all the capabilities on offer. All-in-one printers are not just great space savers, they also provide excellent quality prints meaning that you can get what you need with very fuss and bother!

Another advantage of the Officejet series is the more modern models offer wireless printing direct from all your devices so that you can send to print wherever you are in the home or office. Simply connect to the printer using the Wi-Fi function and hook up as many devices you want. Not only is this solution more accessible, it allows everyone the ability to print without having to mess around with wires.

Some of the Key Features of an OfficeJet Printer

Possibly the most exciting feature of this series of printers is that they can use replacement ink with ease! For example, if you have been paying for genuine HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 cartridges then you will have noticed just how expensive they are and how quickly they run out. Rather than continuing to pay this money, try replacement ink instead as it works perfectly with these printers. Companies like Smart Ink offer the best quality ink and prices so make sure that you shop around to find the supplier that works for you before parting with your cash!

The other great feature of the OfficeJet series is that it has a self-cleaning function in the settings menu that you can use to clean the printer head whenever you have a blockage. The best advice is to run this programme once every three to six months to keep your printer at its best. In addition to this, it is sensible to wipe your printer down with a clean, lint free cloth every week too so that the outside of the machine is well cared for too.

Get Your OfficeJet Today

It is clear to see that OfficeJets offer many features and advantages for prospective owners – why don’t you invest today and start enjoying your new printer?        

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