Natural herb & Olympic Athletes: Is There any relationship?

Post by : Amy Sinden on 03.08.2021

With the Tokyo Olympics starting this year, there has been a tremendous amount of traffic in topics related to athletes and the use of cannabidiol or CBD by them. In addition, various athletes have come out regarding their use of CBD or cannabidiol-induced products as a part of their recovery routine.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD are chemical compounds found in the extracts of tropical cannabis or hemp plants. These compounds contain analgesic properties and stimulants that help as a relaxant in the recovery process of various muscles. The stimulating factor also relieves stress and anxiety issues. 

Cannabidiols have earlier shown great prospects as a pre-workout drink due to its various health benefits. This substance has mild or absolutely no side effects due to it being a natural compound. Unlike its cousin THC, it does not contain any form of psychotropic elements responsible for the consumer’s lightheadedness


The reason behind Athletes consuming CBD

CBD has been researched to contain various antioxidants and analgesic properties that successfully treat various pain management disorders. Athletes who perform on a professional level have a regular confrontation to workouts that are high in intensity, occasionally injuring them. Various athletes have been reported to choose alternate medicine in cases of pain-related or concentration issues. 

The lack of side effects or its mild reaction has enabled its rise in popularity among athletes. As other opioid elements have the risk of being very addictive, CBD, however, is not at all addictive. In addition, professional athletes have reported getting results in treating their inflammation and pain-related issues. Nowadays, CBD products are getting popular and there are some reputable online stores selling cannabis vape juice to help you sleep at a very affordable price so that you can reap the maximum benefits of it just like your favorite athletes.

Is It Legal?

 The most talked-about topic in cannabidiol consumption is the legality status it holds. Various Federal Laws and equally varied State Laws have made it difficult to determine the legality of cannabidiol. The laws are at times contradicting depending on the place of consumption.

However, various countries have deemed CBD and CBD-related occurring as essential during the lockdown due to pandemics. This action has had a heavy impact on the legality status of cannabidiol or CBD-induced elements. Due to various laws and regulations by different regulatory boards, it is advised to have a basic knowledge of a place before consuming cannabidiols.

The debut of CBD in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Due to the lack of side effects and the absence of psychotropic elements, cannabidiols have increased the athletic circuit. CBD has proven to be a great friend for weightlifters too. Consumed in various forms via topicals, powders, and edibles, this substance has been proved beneficial in combating stress and anxiety while providing peaceful sleep.

A cannabidiol-based organization has sponsored the United States Triathlon Federation since October. This has been the first-ever appearance of any CBD-based organization or company. In addition, this substance has been reported to have debuted in this year’s Olympic games because the regulatory board responsible during the Olympic games has removed CBD from its banned substances list.

How is CBD being treated in the Sports fraternity?

The regulatory board responsible for this year’s Olympic games has prohibited the use of all sorts of natural as well as synthetic cannabinoids, apart from cannabidiols. This substance was, however, banned from consumption until 2018. The officials from the regulatory board have thus started to treat CBD differently. 

The basic criteria for any substance to be banned have been listed below:

  • First, it Violates the truest of the spirit of sports.
  • It has the potential to enhance or enhance the performance of the consumer in the sport.
  • It represents an actual or potential health risk to the athletes upon consumption.

Can CBD be a performance enhancer?

Cannabidiols and their effects have been deemed to provide various health benefits to its consumers. However, this substance is still not deemed as a performance-enhancing drug. This substance, after various studies, has resulted in just treating inflammation and concussion-related injuries and the pain management in them. This substance is deemed beneficial for sleeping disorders and anxiety issues. If consumed, it can help in recovery rather than enhancing the performance of the consumer. CBD is thus, however, very useful in treating athletes with its pain management properties and stimulants as relaxants.

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