Low Value Slot Symbols Explained

Post by : Sam Allcock on 06.10.2020

The online slot industry is very competitive. Every day, newer and more exciting slots are being released. Although slots are constantly changing to involve more exciting features, all of them usually include the same types of symbols. Knowing these symbols will help you to understand the game. Consequently, this article will explain the most standard of symbols that you will come across in free slots games.

Standard Symbols

Standard slot symbols are the most basic of symbols, which occur in all different types of slots. They pay out money when the player lands a winning symbol combination on a payline. However, not all OF these standard symbols are equal in value. Some or more valuable than others.

The standard symbols with the lowest value are most often represented by the playing card symbols (King, Queen, Ace, Jack, 9 & 10). On the other hand, high-value symbols are usually related to the theme of the slot. If for example, you are playing a movie-themed slot, then the highest paying symbols would be the movie characters.

The function of Low Value Symbols

The main feature of standard symbols (including low-value symbols) is that they pay out a certain amount when you land three or more in a row or on a payline. Usually, these winning symbol combinations need to appear from the left to the right of the reels; however, there are a few exceptions like Starburst from NetEnt. Starburst is known for its Win Both Ways feature, where players can form winning symbol combinations from both left to right and right to left.

Other Slot Symbols

While low and high-value symbols are standard symbols that can be found in almost any slot, most modern slots also include symbols with special features. In fact, they have become so common that it is hard to believe when you find a slot with no special symbols.

The wild symbol is one of the most common special symbols in a slot. While wilds cannot form winning combinations on their own, they can replace any normal symbol on a winning payline. Say for example you only have two Kings (one on the first reel and one on the second reel) but you need three for a payout, then a wild on the third reel could complete your winning combination.

But it doesn’t stop here. As slots are constantly changing, so does the symbols. Since their introduction wilds have also gotten other abilities. They include extra-large wilds, sticky wilds, and multiplier wilds to name but a few. However, what all these wilds have in common is the fact that they exist solely to increase your odds of landing a win. In addition to wilds, many modern slots also have a variety of other special symbols, such as scatters and bonus symbols.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you’re looking at trying your hand at a new slot game, it is wise to first take a look at the different symbols and their functions/payouts. This way you will be able to see what the highest paying symbols are worth and how they compare to that of another game. Slot games differ, and payouts and bonus games are triggered by different combinations of symbols. Familiarising yourself with the symbols beforehand will help prevent any disappointment. Good luck and happy hunting!

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