Know The Difference Between Headhunting Service And Recruitment Agency

Post by : Amy Sinden on 24.08.2021

You might be looking for new talents who can fit your job post for your company. But you don’t know where and how you can find them. If you just post your job ad on different websites and make a banner that won’t attract the right candidate suited for your job post. There are so many job seekers around and you will get hundreds of applications but how will you choose that one candidate that suits the job profile?

That’s why we have a headhunter or recruitment agency who will choose the best possible candidate for your company. If you want to hunt new candidates, reach out to leading headhunters in Dubai. But the question is not about who can find the best candidate for your company. Many people get confused between a Headhunting service and a recruitment agency. What’s the difference between them? 

Both will do the hiring process for your company but they have their different ways. To understand which one you should choose we need to understand their roles in the hiring process and how they seek new candidates?

Who Are Headhunters?

Headhunting involves carrying out a certain desire to become aware of an appropriate candidate for a specific role, regardless of whether or not the candidate is active or passive talent. Whilst energetic applicants are reaching out to their professional networks and sending resumes in response to activity openings, passive applicants are currently employed and now not looking for new opportunities. 

For excessive-stage roles with a unique favored skillset, passive candidates are extra desirable—they’re presently operating and gaining industry-particular enjoyment at a competitor. These candidates aren’t actively seeking new possibilities. 

A lot of the suitable applicants are employed at a direct competitor, head-hunters provoke contact with the candidate and facilitate communication among the candidate and company. It’s additionally commonplace that excessive-degree roles require confidential searches such that a lot of companies select to hire a headhunting firm to discover pinnacle skills and keep away from public process postings and word of mouth.

Who Is A Recruiting Agency?

While recruiters additionally conduct searches for qualified applicants on behalf of organizations, their tactics and obligations are broader. Whether recruiters work for a firm or within the HR branch of an enterprise, they experiment with resumes despatched in response to task postings and screen candidates that may be suitable for the position. 

Additionally, they act as the point of contact bearing on the jobs for the duration of the recruitment manner and facilitate verbal exchange between the applicants and agencies. Recruiters frequently work on multiple jobs in the identical discipline right away and construct relationships with lively job-seekers, recommending jobs that they may be suitable for.


A recruitment agency will use a reactive search scheme when it comes to hiring new candidates. They will advertise through different job portals, social media, or by collecting a database of the applicants. But on the other hand, Head Hunters uses a proactive search method to find candidates. Their candidate can be an employer who is actively working in some other company or is not seeking any new job. 

But they will find the ideal fit for your job post. They use their network and sources to hire the ideal candidate for the vacant post. 


Recruitment agencies recruit for a role with a lower level, multiple roles, or positions that are less specialized. They work to fill any position for an organization. 

Head hunters find it hard to find candidates with specific skills required, they are confidential and look senior level. In simple terms they fill the roles that are hard to fill. They will find the best candidate for the post not just to fill the vacant position. 

You need both recruiting agencies and head hunters to fill your vacant roles. Both play an important role in selecting a candidate for an organization but the way they work is somewhat different. It depends on your company who you need to choose for selecting a new candidate. If you want to find a headhunter, reach out to the leading headhunters in Dubai

But before hiring an agency for the recruitment process you need to confirm all the details and make a deal with them. Tell them your need or who you are looking for in your organization. Give them all the details before the hiring process begins. Both recruiting agencies and head hunters have different skills and networks they use to find the best possible candidate for your company.

Both perform well in their field and in recruiting process it’s up to you who you are looking for in your company. Now, before you hire your agent for any recruitment process you will know the difference between head hunters and recruiting agencies. So, the next time you will have a better understanding of who you need to hire for a certain job.

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