How to Protect Your Children in the Garden

Post by : Amy Sinden on 25.10.2023

There is nothing better for children than to have the possibility of playing outside in the garden. However, it can also be a hazardous environment for them. Parents need to be aware of the dangers they face, so that they can be fully protected. Here is how to safeguard your children when they play outside on your property.

Protection From the Sun

One of the most dangerous elements that every family faces in regards to the garden is sun rays. UV rays are harmful, which means that children need to be kept safe from the sun. It starts by providing them (and the rest of the family) with shaded areas. The most important one is without a doubt, the patio or the terrace. When the family eats its meals outside, it needs to be protected from the sun. That is why a domestic awning should be installed on the wall. It can be retracted whenever it is not useful and fully out in display when the sun is out or to protect against other weather elements such as the rain. Other locations in the garden should be in the shade as well, namely the space where children play.

But sun protection doesn’t end there. Kids should never be able to play outside in summer time without wearing sunscreen lotions with a high SPF level. Even on cloudy days, the skin can be damaged from the sun, so it is essential to manage the time that children spend outside.

Protection Against Accidents and Injuries

Although it is impossible to prevent all accidents and injuries, there are many ways to help avoid them. Childproofing the garden is a must, before you let your children play outside. It all starts with a fence around the property, so that they don’t get lost. If there is a pool on the grounds, it also needs to be fenced all around. A security system should be installed with an alarm that informs parents if the security perimeter has been breached.

Many people don’t worry about the plants that grow in their garden, but when you have kids, you should. That is because some of them are toxic. Also, you need to avoid plants with thorns and spines. Finally, the yard should be inspected daily, before letting the children roam around the garden. Potential hazards such as sharp objects, poisonous plants or chemicals could find their way on it. Also, gardening tools, fertilizers and pesticides could have been forgotten on the ground.

Create a Play Area

The garden should not be exclusively the land of children. Parents also need to benefit from a little daily fresh air and a space where they can relax. To that extent, it is important to create a designated area where children can play safely. For the ground, use soft surfaces like rubber mulch, sand or grass to reduce the risk of injuries. The equipment should relate to the age of the children and need to be inspected regularly for their safety.

By taking these measures into account, you can create a safe and enjoyable garden environment for your children. Supervision is also a key to maintaining the garden safe for them.

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