How to practice public speaking so you can go live on Instagram

Post by : Amy Sinden on 13.10.2021

Public speaking is a handy skill that can be useful across multiple avenues both online and offline. With a lot of public events happening online, public speaking is helpful to reach out to your audience. Social media is swarming with businesses and creators going Live from their profiles to make their presence felt. As a creator, you need to make sure that you’re not missing out on trending tools of social media. Using Instagram live can not only help you with your engagement but will also make the audience feel connected with you. Before going Live on Instagram you need to make sure you practice public speaking. How do you practice public speaking? Let us explore.

Benefits of Public Speaking

We keep hearing that one must have public speaking skills but do we ever wonder why? Why is it so important? In 2021, public speaking is the key to grow on your social media.  Well, there are several benefits of public speaking, and we shall go through them for you to get a better understanding.

Confidence boost

One of the primary benefits of practicing public speaking is that you develop natural confidence that imbibes into your being as a result of constant action. Getting this confidence boost helps you excel in all walks of life. It will also help you face the camera while being calm and confident

Improved networking

When you have boosted confidence, it becomes easy for you to network. The more people hear you speaking the more likely they would want to connect with you. This will help you build new connections across a diverse set of people. It will create a network and might open new avenues for you as a creator.

Improves storytelling abilities

The more experience you gain with public speaking, your storytelling skills improve. This helps you conduct Instagram Live videos effortlessly. It also helps in improving the way you present yourself and your content. Storytelling is an important tool that is required to excel in all walks of life, from something as simple as a conversation to fictional videos, storytelling is everywhere.

Ingrains impromptu speaking

There are times that we are asked to speak a few words on a given topic or discussion. This can be anywhere from an event to a meeting with your clients, public speaking comes in handy as it encourages impromptu speaking that can help you out of situations that might have been a disaster had you not learned public speaking. Impromptu speaking is immensely helpful while you’re live on Instagram, or conducting an event. It also helps you to connect to people organically as your speech feels realistic rather than a monologue. Impromptu speaking makes your presence felt in the moment.

Creates leadership qualities

Public speaking also seeds leadership qualities in a person that helps them to build a team or a community. Public speaking creates much-needed credibility through leadership skills. It changes your body language and the way you carry yourself on a very minute but important level.

How public speaking is a universal skill that should be mastered by creators

Creators should know how to speak in public as it’s a universal skill that helps people build connections while making sure that their work reaches out to people. When you keep speaking regularly in public you would build a brand for yourself as you would have all the attention of the audience. When you gain recognition it becomes easier to market yourself. This also leads to more business prospects. A creator needs to implement and master public speaking as it is extremely helpful in all walks of life.


A creator needs to pitch ideas to get funding for bigger projects. Public speaking shall help you communicate your thoughts with ease.

Brand meetings

When you grow as a creator you shall get brand sponsorship. This includes multiple meetings that require clarity in thought and speech that comes along with public speaking.

Instagram Live

The internet is full of video content and it is videos that drive most of the consumption. A creator needs to create videos regularly featuring them as it builds a brand image. Public speaking will help to build the confidence needed to address the numerous audience that is watching you through the camera lens. Social media platforms like Instagram require you to reach out to the audience using the ‘Live’ feature. This requires you to speak in real-time and often improvise and adapt to the kind of reception you’re getting from the audience.

Social gatherings

As a creator, you need to be in constant touch with the community, to do so you need to attend creator summits and other events that revolve around social media creators. Here your public speaking skills will be super important to build connections and get a better understanding of people.

Apps to use for public speaking practice

Microsoft Powerpoint

This app has been used by public speakers for ages to create presentations and help them with public speaking pointers. It is extremely useful when you’re speaking in front of a live audience.

Clipchamp Screen & Camera Recorder

Another excellent app that can capture your screen and record from your camera at the same time is Clipchamp’s screen and camera recorder. This helps you create videos smoothly while providing you with important tools that boost your public speaking skills.

Bonus Tip: Look directly at the camera

Looking at the camera makes it look like you’re communicating directly to the audience. Your audience will connect with you easily for doing this as it almost feels conversational.

Now that you know the importance of public speaking you must create highlights of your Instagram Live video using a free online video editor to push yourself further.

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