How to Make Keeping a Commercial Building Warm More Economically

Post by : Amy Sinden on 12.05.2023

Energy bills have skyrocketed in recent months. Now, businesses and individuals alike are struggling to keep the lights on and heat their properties. When combined with rising inflation and food prices, we’re currently in a cost-of-living crisis that looks set to continue for some time.

As the owner of a commercial building, it’s important that you make savings where you can. How can you keep your commercial property warm without breaking the bank? We’ve put together some tips to help, from installing electric window openers to embracing sunlight, check them out below.

Install Electric Window Openers

Electric window openers are one of the best ways of regulating temperature in a cost-effective way. Much of the heat in buildings is lost through windows, so you could be spending a fortune keeping the heating going only for it to be going straight out the window.

However, as the owner of a commercial building, you doubtless have a lot on your mind. It can be all too easy to forget to close your windows. This is why electric window openers are so effective, they can be set to timers and instructed to open in the morning and close at night, or to open when it’s hot and close when it’s cold.

This way, you’ll be able to regulate the temperature in your commercial building far more efficiently, keeping heat trapped inside and preventing it from escaping.

Install a Revolving Door

As well as windows, a lot of heat is lost through the doors on your commercial property. As a business, you may need to have your front door constantly open to welcome customers, or it could be regularly opened as staff enter the building. This will suck heat out of the space and significantly lower the temperature of your building.

A revolving door can be used to allow easy access to your building while still keeping it closed off from the outside. It acts as a sort of airlock, preventing heat from escaping but is still useful as an entryway.

Let in More Sunlight

Sunlight is incredibly important, and you should try to let as much of it into your commercial building as possible. Not only does sunlight help keep us warm, but it can also benefit our mental and emotional health.

Sunlight can help you keep your building warm in a more cost-effective way and it can see you save on your electricity bill too, reducing the need for you to have artificial lights on during the day.

Keep your windows free from curtains and blinds to let in as much sunlight as possible and enjoy the benefits.

Programme the Heating

Programming and setting your heating to a timer is vital if you want to save money. Automate it so that it comes on only when required to ensure you are not wasting energy unnecessarily.

Keep your radiators at a set minimum temperature. This will mean your HVAC requires less energy to increase the temperature as it won’t be starting from zero.


Install electric window openers and a revolving door, let in more sunlight, and programme the heating to keep the costs down when heating your commercial building.

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