How to Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Post by : Amy Sinden on 26.10.2022

With the cost-of-living crisis causing households to start worrying about how to make ends meet, one of the main concerns as you go into winter might be how to keep yourself and your family warm through these colder months. While you might be reading about layering up with blankets and thermal underwear, there are other things you can do in your home to help keep in the heat and create a more comfortable living environment. Although some of these changes might be expensive on the surface, if you can afford to do these upgrades now, it could very well save you money in the long term. If you are interested in looking at different ways to keep your home feeling toastier this winter, try some of the following suggestions.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Yes, this will be expensive to do, so might not be a suitable solution for everyone at this time. However, if you want your home to stay warmer in winter, improving the insulation is one of the best ways to do this. Having better quality insulation installed in your attic space can help to retain the heat, as well as having underlay beneath your carpets and flooring. Remember to check around your windows and door frames too, as these can be common areas where draughts get in. If you can feel cold air coming through, check to see if the seals need replacing around your window panes, or potentially get new windows put in if they are old and damaged.

If you want a more cost-effective solution for insulation at this time, you can invest in thermal wallpapers that can help to increase insulation. It will be more expensive than standard wallpaper, but cheaper than having these bigger improvements made.

Hang Thicker Curtains

For those who are working with tighter budgets, another way you can help to keep the heat in your home is to hang thicker curtains. When they are drawn at night, it can help to stop heat from escaping and also block the cold air coming in from around your windows. You might also find that this helps if you have an open-plan living space, and use thicker fabrics to cut off areas so you can retain the heat in the space that you are using the most, such as your living room, for example.

Radiator Maintenance

You should remember to bleed your radiators before the colder months draw in, as air trapped in the pipes can stop them from reaching their full potential. This is a relatively easy thing to do, and you will need a radiator key to open the valve and let the air out. Always make sure your boiler is off and the radiator is cold before you do this, however; otherwise, you might risk scalding yourself. You might also want a bucket or container at hand, as water might drip or rush out during this process.

If your radiators are outdated now, and you have some money to spare on home improvements, you might also want to think about replacing them with more efficient models. Look at places like to find a great selection of stylish radiators for your home.

Avoid Clutter Around Your Radiators

Another way to help your home stay warmer is to consider the space around your radiators. If there is furniture or other items in front of your radiators, they will be blocking a lot of the heat from reaching the rest of the room. Try to make sure these spaces are free from clutter so that you can maximise the heat that gets into the other parts of the house. Additionally, if you have radiator covers in your home, you may want to think about removing them. Yes, they can look very stylish and improve the aesthetics of your interiors, but they will also be blocking the heat from your radiators.

Keep Your Chimney Flue Closed

If you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace in your home, then this can be an excellent solution to relying on your central heating all of the time. However, when you don’t have a roaring fire on the go, you should remember to have your chimney flue closed. This can help reduce draughts from getting into the house, as well as some of your heat escaping up the chimney. Just remember to open it again before you lit a fire!

If you are looking for ways to help your home stay warmer as the winter closes in, consider these suggestions and see if they are things you can do.

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