How to Get the Most out of Your Room with Integral Blinds

Post by : Amy Sinden on 22.02.2022

When decorating or renovating a room it is easy to get caught up in colour schemes, furnishings, and lighting, however, you should not overlook the effects integral blinds can have in contributing to the aesthetic of your home. This article shall explore the various ways that integral blinds will maximise the potential of your room.


Integral blinds come in a wide range of colours so that they can suit the décor and style of your home. Therefore, as well as being functional they are every bit as stylish and can assist in enhancing a space. Integral blinds come with the option of popular distinct colours ranging from silver and grey to black and cream. S102 White is a standard popular colour available through Morley Glass, however, if the colour you require is not available you may be able to order it through a special order. All colour options for integral blinds also have a percentage score to demonstrate how much they are solar reflecting, solar absorption, and light reflecting.

Sleek Design

The sleek contemporary design of integral blinds provides users with maximum privacy as individuals have full control over how much light they wish to allow into their home. This is particularly useful if you are wanting to create a cosy atmosphere in a room in the evening.

Within integral blinds there are three types of blinds to choose from which all offer their own unique style: Venetian, Pleated and Pleated full blackout. Venetian blinds boast horizontal slats that offer you full control over the amount of sunlight that you allow into a space. Pleated blinds, however, are a perfect solution for a bathroom that has condensation as these integral blinds are enclosed between double or triple paned glass. Pleated full blackout is a perfect option for a bedroom as it will effectively prevent light from entering the room.  As well as being functional the sleek design of each of the integral blind models will add to your home’s individual aesthetic.

Clutter Free

Integral blinds provide a clutter free solution compared to regular blinds as they come with the choice of five control units allowing users to choose the option that best suits their preference. Choices include cord control, remote-controlled opening and closing, magnet controlled and solar controlled. Therefore, as integral blinds can be operated either through solar control, magnets or sliders, there are no loose cords hanging and blinds do not get tangled as can be the case with regular venetian blinds.

If you choose to opt for remote-controlled integral blinds the remote can be stored on the side of blinds so it will not clutter the window ledge. As the blinds are contained within the window, your window ledge is clear and can be decorated to your preference.

Dust Free

While regular blinds require frequent cleaning to prevent the build-up of dust particles, integral blinds do not require cleaning as they are dust resistant. This is because integral blinds are sealed off within the glass panelling meaning that they are protected from potential dust particles and dirt. This low maintenance, therefore, makes integral blinds appealing to homes due to their hygienic properties of not requiring extensive cleaning and being allergy friendly. Dust free integral blinds will also help your home to remain looking clean and inviting.

Maximise Light

In the winter months integral blinds can be fully opened to maximise the amount of light that will distribute throughout a room which is an alternative to heating a room through fire or central heating.  Contrastingly, in the summer months users can operate integral blinds to be half or fully shut to reject sunlight coming into a room thus creating a cooler environment. Having control over the amount of light that you allow into your room will help you to create your desired home aesthetic.

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