How to Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Companies in New Mexico

Post by : Amy Sinden on 26.06.2022

In a famous scene from the nineteen eighties hit film, Myrtle’s Cleaning Ladies, the titular ladies are called in to help with a massive cleanup.

When the women enter the office building, they see that something terrible has happened there. There are papers all over the floors and desks. Foam runs up and down the walls. The bathrooms are covered in slime and muck.

The three women take in all of it. Finally, Myrtle says what they are all thinking.

“Let’s burn it down,” she said.

The women cackle with glee as they douse the carpet and desks in gasoline. Myrtle lights a match and drops it as they walk out the door. An explosion goes off behind them, but they don’t turn to look.

Once the women discover it’s faster and easier to burn buildings down than to clean them, they begin to wreak havoc on the city by setting it on fire.

While the movie takes a humorous look at the cleaning industry, in reality, Myrtle and her ladies are the last people you would want to hire if you were in need of a good cleaning service.

In this article, we’re going to cut right to the chase. If you’re looking for an Albuquerque janitor that is reliable, all you’ll need to do is follow these steps to find the perfect company to suit your business needs.

What are Your Expectations?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to take inventory of the services you are going to need from a prospective cleaning company.

You’ll want to take into account how often you will want their services. It may be that much of your staff work from home and you’ll only need to have the office cleaned once a week. Or it might be that your staff deals with the public on a daily basis, which means you’ll need more regular cleaning in order to try and keep everyone safe.

Once you’ve decided on the frequency, take a good look around your office. Will you want your windows cleaned? What about any glass partitions or dividers?

Will you expect the janitorial service to clean and stock the restroom? Make sure to make note of that, as well.

You’ll want to ensure that everything you need is written down and ready for when it comes time to book a service. That way, you’ll be able to get an accurate price estimate and the company will know when to schedule their services.

Check the Internet

Once you know what you need out of your potential cleaning service, you’re ready to take the next step.

The internet is a great resource for people searching to hire a service company. That is because there are several different sites that offer genuine user reviews to help potential clients avoid any unnecessary pitfalls.

Some of these sites are subscription services, while others are free to use. You may prefer one over the other or you may decide to use both and compare the two.

Unlike days gone by, when people relied on the phone book to help them find companies and services, the internet offers a wide range of options. There, a company can get across more information about themselves than they would be able to in a listing in a phone book.

 Even a full-page ad can’t tell everything about a company, from their motto to their cleaning method to their hours of operation.

For example, you may find in your research that some companies offer “green” cleaning services with products that are safe as well as economically friendly. Click the link: for more information about green cleaning.

Make the Call!

Once you’ve researched your options and found one that appeals to you, you’re finally ready! It’s time for you to make the call, get an estimate, and finally, book the service.

No matter which company you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied with the results. 

Remember that cleaning can be a matter of life or death now, unfortunately.

Although cases of Covid continue to rise and fall at unpredictable intervals (click here for the latest information), you’ll know that you’re doing the very best for your employees, customers, and guests by employing a professional cleaning team to keep them happy and healthy.

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