How to Execute a Test and Tag

Post by : Elliot Preece on 19.06.2020

Test and tag is a safety procedure that revolves around electrical appliances. This is to ensure that all of the cables involved are safe to be used and that using the electrical device won’t start fire or shock, someone while operating it. An appliance must be tested and tagged for it to be able to fulfill workplace safety codes and regulations. The test and tag procedure is always documented and done regularly for home and workplace accidents and safety hazards to be as minimal as possible. Labeled electrical appliances and equipment should be the only electrical appliances and machinery that are used in a workplace or household for the safest setting possible. 

How is a Test and Tag Procedure Performed? 

A qualified technician does a test and tag specialists. Before the technician runs any tests, they will look at it visually to see if there is any visible damage done to the wires. If there is, then the test will stop there until all of the immediate issues are fixed, or the cables are replaced. This is important to ensure that no one is harmed during the tests. Damaged wires can spark fires or shock the technician, so the technician should do a visual inspection before testing the electrical appliance or equipment. After the technician sees that the test cable is safe, they run the tests for safety features. The technician uses special testing instruments during the trial. The results of the test are always logged. A copy of the log goes to the technician and the owner of the electrical appliance or equipment. These tests should be conducted regularly. 

Why get it done

Test and tag need to be done for both business and home electrical appliances. Chances are, most machines that have been bought have already been through an inspection and tag and are safe for use. Anyone purchasing a home appliance shouldn’t have to worry about hazards when buying appliances from any local retailer that sells them. However, every so often or when a problem occurs, a test and tag should be done to ensure that the appliance is still safe to use. As for businesses, that all depends on the device. Commonly used machines and equipment that a variety of companies use are more likely to have already been through a test and tag. However, more custom or specific appliances might require a test and tag before installment and more frequently. More custom and bigger machines mean that there can be a more considerable risk for hazards. It is essential to test regularly, and tag appliances so minimal accidents happen. 

You can perform this procedure

It doesn’t require a fancy degree and years of training to perform a test and tag. Just about anyone can do it. There is a course that can be done as fast as in a day that teaches people how to test and tag appropriately. After that, someone can test and tag wherever they need to. These courses are available everywhere. After the certification is done, anyone can do the procedure mentioned above to check the safety of their electrical appliances or equipment. First, visually inspect what you are going to test and tag. After it is deemed safe to test and tag something, run all of the tests needed to pass safety inspections. Then document the date and the results of the test. Always document every test was done and the results. It may be useful for future inspections if an error does occur. Within the documentation, if a risk repeatedly occurs every test, it may be a sign that it is time to upgrade, repair, or replace the electrical appliance.  

What Electrical appliances need a test and tag?

Almost everything that plugs into a socket needs to have gone through a test and tag. This even includes the socket. Every electrical appliance and tool should be tested. How often depends on the scenario. Stationary equipment like office appliances only needs to be checked every few years unless there are apparent sights of a hazard like open wires.

On the other hand, big machinery used in places like factories or outside labor jobs needs to be checked on almost a monthly basis. Having electrical equipment that hasn’t had a test and tag in a while can cause a lot of hazardous risks. If there are any apparent problems like wires showing, get that electrical appliance or equipment a test and tag as soon as possible, no matter how early the most recent one was. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Even phone charging cords need a test and tag before they are put on the shelves. Test and tag everything, and if something isn’t safe for use, replace it. 

The costs 

A test and tag vary from technician to technician. Some pay for an hourly rate while others charge for an upfront cost. It also depends on how much electrical appliances and equipment there is that needs testing. There are some technicians that charge per appliance or equipment. It all depends on the technician and what or how much needs to be tested. Of course, if someone were to take a class and get certified for it, then there would be no costs of running a test and tag. The only expense out of that would be the tools involved in running the tests. After you purchase the tools, you will not have to worry about having a technician test and tag your equipment. You would be able to do it yourself. 

Performing a test and tag is something that needs to be done to keep homes and business locations safe. Electrical appliances and equipment need to have a test and tag done to check for any hazards that could be present while they are in use. How often something needs a test and tag depends on the appliance. There are two options for a test and tag. Either pay for someone to get it done, or take the course and get the tools to do it yourself. 

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