How to Choose the Best Company to Purchase a Forklift From

Post by : Elliot Preece on 21.11.2021

Building or construction is a complex process and without the right equipment, it can be more difficult. This is because it often requires moving heavy loads or materials which humans cannot do easily. Forklifts are an essential vehicle on a worksite since it aids in lifting materials safely.

A forklift is a powered industrial vehicle used to move or lift materials and loads in a construction field or warehouse. It can also be used over short distances. The use of this heavy-duty equipment in the warehouse and manufacturing industry cannot be overstated as it makes work easier and boosts productivity.

This lift truck often comes in various types each performing a specific function. Adequate information on the various types will help you in selecting the right one you need. Choosing a reliable dealer is the next important step in ensuring you buy quality equipment. Although there are several dealers in the market, are here to help with finding one with a good reputation and great customer service.

Types of Forklifts

There is a wide range of models and styles available and choosing the right one to suit the task can be cumbersome without having adequate knowledge of the various types. Here is a list of some of the common ones and their functions.

Warehouse Forklift

This truck resembling a golf cart has twin forks stretching outwards, it is ideal for piling and unloading balanced materials and other portable platforms. It is equally used in removing items from delivery trucks to the facility and between short distances. It has a loading capacity of up to 5 tons and can be elevated up to 25,000 lbs.

Side Loaders

This loader is often used in manufacturing sites and metal service centers to lift heavy items such as pipes and timber. It is designed to enable the operator to stand sideways while unloading materials on the side. This design also allows it to be driven along with racks without needing to turn while loading and offloading. The vehicle is ideal for moving through narrow aisles and carrying long items.


The extendable arm and articulating boom of this telescopic truck combine to make it a crane and forklift in one. It is used to move pallets off the floor using the twin forks joined to the arm. It is suitable for moving materials to higher elevations, into odd angles, and tight spaces. To get a clearer understanding on how the telehander works, you can check here:

Industrial Forklift

This large capacity loader serves the function of a telehandler and warehouse forklift. Although it can’t extend to difficult corners, it can lift heavier loads and to much higher elevations than others. It is however used on specialized occasions due to the narrow scope of its utility.

How to Choose the Best Company to Purchase a Forklift From

Purchasing a forklift is a huge investment therefore proper research should be carried out on the company before any transaction is made. Certain factors should also be considered to enable you to get value for your money. Some key pointers to help you choose the right dealers are:

Quality and Good Reputation

The product line of the company greatly determines the quality of the forklifts. Ensure they offer parts and trucks from trusted manufacturers this way you are sure the equipment would last a long time. Good customer relationship is also important as this helps to build a good reputation. Read customer reviews online and also check out their website.


The right place to buy your machine should match your requirements. They should have a wide range of options to choose from. Since the need for the forklift determines the vehicle to purchase, helping you identify the reason for buying one will ensure you get the most suitable one. The company should also be able to provide professional advice on the appropriate one to get.


It is vital to buy equipment whether used or unused from a reliable company as this will give you peace of mind from constant repairs. The company should also be one you can rely on when in need of maintenance or repair.


There are several factors to consider before buying a loader and price alone shouldn’t determine your purchase. Other factors such as the size, brand, and operational comfort should be kept in mind. Proper maintenance of the vehicle is also vital to increase longevity and increase performance. This includes routine inspections and checking your tires regularly.

Choosing the right lift truck is sure to affect the productivity level and operating cost of your business so ensure you carry out thorough research on the dealer and offers available so you get the best.

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