How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Post by : Elliot Preece on 22.02.2022

Have you noticed some damage on the roof of your commercial building? There are multiple signs indicating the need to hire a professional contractor, such as failing flashing, bubbling on the surface area, blocked gutters, etc.

Even if your roof requires no repair, it should be inspected at least twice annually.

If looking for a commercial roofing contractor Columbia, Mo lists, the following tips may be of assistance.

Insist on license and insurance

The primary tip to follow when choosing a commercial roofing contractor is to insist on a license and insurance. Prior to hiring any professional, you should conduct a background check to see if they are registered by the state. If you cannot find information on their license, make sure they show you proof of being licensed.

Unlike residential roofers, the authorities oblige all commercial roofers to be licensed. Another way to protect your interests is by hiring a contractor with insurance cover. These professionals are expected to have liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, which covers every member of their team. Consequently, if any worker sustains an injury while working on your premises, you won’t have to pay heavy penalties or cover any medical expenses.

Go local

The following to take into account when looking for a commercial roofing contractor is going local. You should narrow your search down to the roofers within your local area. The greatest benefit of teaming up with a local contractor is their availability, meaning these professionals are highly available when contacted for repairs or maintenance checks.

Another reason why going local is a good idea is to act quickly in the event of emergencies, such as severe storms. During a severe storm, there’s a high likelihood for your roof to sustain damage. Therefore, it’s convenient for businesses to have a local contractor ready to respond immediately after the storm by inspecting the roof for damage and making the necessary repairs. Local roofing companies will also charge you less for travel expenses.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

The best way to check the reputation of commercial roofing contractors is by looking for complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This agency is the greatest resource to consult when hiring a contractor of any kind, as it informs potential customers whether a particular company has had any complaints filed against it. While not all businesses are members of the BBB, there is a high chance for the one you’re looking for to be a member.

The BBB informs potential clients whether a commercial roofing contractor has had complaints in the past. In case it did, it also informs them about the nature of the complaints and whether they were settled properly. Nevertheless, a single complaint with the BBB shouldn’t be a reason for dismissing a particular company, as some customers are simply difficult to satisfy.

Ask for recommendations

Another helpful tip when looking for a commercial roofer is to ask for recommendations. Word of mouth has always been an effective way of getting useful recommendations. Instead of asking your family members or friends for recommendations, you should consider asking other commercial businesses. Keep in mind that residential roofing needs aren’t the same as commercial.

Besides getting recommendations, you should consider checking online reviews. Customer reviews not only inform potential clients about the quality of work but also about pricing. Both information sources are helpful in determining whether a certain contractor is worth hiring.

Consider the materials they use

Another important aspect to factor in is the choice of roofing materials. It’s paramount for these professionals to use long-lasting materials that withstand severe weather conditions. You are supposed to receive advice on which materials are the best to use for your building based on the climate, location, structure of the building, annual weather conditions, roof lifespan expectancy, etc.

Some of the most commonly used commercial roofing materials include single-ply membrane, metal, BUR, spray polyurethane foam, and green roofing. The most popular single-ply membrane materials are EPDM and TPO. The former stands for a very durable rubber membrane, while the latter is usually used for flat roofs.

In contrast, metal roofing is one of the oldest and greatest solutions, which guarantees a durable, strong, and fire-resistant roof. On the negative side, metal is susceptible to rust. There is, however, a possibility for the roof to include a protective layer, whose role is to impede rust from developing.

BUR roofing solutions, also popular as tar and gravel systems, are installed by using a variety of layers and a final layer made of gravel. This system is the most suitable for flat roofs and for businesses looking for a cost-effective solution. The cost-effectiveness of this solution comes from the fact that clients can choose the number of layers themselves.

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is sprayed onto existing roofs in the form of liquid, which later expands into foam. This material isn’t a new invention, as it was first used in the 1960s as a green commercial roofing alternative. SPF is waterproof, budget-friendly, and simple to install.

Last but not least, green roofing has turned into a popular alternative for commercial buildings not only due to the aesthetic appeal but also because of the environmental benefits of these systems. Green roofs provide better insulation and water management by preventing the water from causing leaks and protecting buildings from the heat and cold.

Look for free consultations

The ultimate tip to follow is to look for free consultations. Prior to signing a contract with any company, commercial roofers offer potential clients to take a look at their roofs in order to provide them with an estimate. Make sure these consultations are free of charge. Otherwise, you will have to pay each candidate for the consultation.

The bottom line

Choosing the right contractor is crucial for keeping your commercial roof in optimal condition.

Look for the best one in your local area!

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