How Has 2020 Influenced the Development of Casinos?

Post by : Sam Allcock on 22.12.2020

2020 has been the year of adaptation on many fronts, with health risks increasing, businesses dilapidating, and psychological stress rising. 

Some industries had an advantage, though, for instance, the internet, social media and the gaming industry. On the other hand, 2020 has harmed industries like sports and casinos. 

It was a terrible disappointment for those wanting to playcasino games at a land-based establishment. 

Our expert Jordan Carry describes the implications of 2020 may have been dire for brick and mortar casinos, but business is booming for online gambling sites. You can view his profile here.

The Pandemic’s Effect on Gambling

You must live under a rock if you’re unaware of the ramifications of Covid.19 in the past year. Living through an actual pandemic has been an eye-opening experience for all of us, especially if you’ve been personally affected. 

The coronavirus has also had a significant impact on many sectors, including casinos and gambling. Most people experienced pay cuts this year and had to endure the mental stress of not making ends meet. With that came the realisation of not spending money as freely as before. 

As the pandemic hit, most countries implemented national lockdowns, which meant thousands of operations had to come to a screeching halt. Land-based casinos took a colossal knock financially as all gambling dispensaries had to shut down, which comprises up to 50% of the overall market. 

The Pandemic’s Effect on Online Gambling

Alternatively, online casino development in 2020 has become more revolutionary. While land-based facilities were closed, online casinos aimed at providing players with the best possible experience outside a brick-and-mortar one. 

Game developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming continued to provide online casinos with innovative games that would keep you engaged. Now, with online-, mobile-, live-, and virtual reality casinos, as well as esports, gamblers have been spoilt for choice recently. 

Additionally, the pandemic and its uncertainties have resulted in financial pressures and mental stress for many. These anxieties subsequently led to overindulgence and excessive gambling

Trends have also shown that gamblers tended to engage more with online entertainment than the overall amount of adults.

New Developments in the Industry

Every gaming studio is now committed to bringing you a casino that’s innovative and interactive. Taking classic games and modernising them so that you can enjoy a revolutionary experience with a nostalgic feel. 

This new casino development enables software providers to upgrade slots and other games to different levels to provide more for players. Developers furnish these games with progressive bonus material, tier-packages, contemporary themes and high-definition graphics. A few slot machines even have storylines and introductory clips to engage users on a deeper level. 

However, it doesn’t stop there; people find it easier to spend their money where it’s comfortable and safe. That’s why online casinos have committed themselves to simplify registration as much as possible, saving customers from frustration. Additionally, websites have been focused on licensing and encryption a great deal, providing members with assurance. 

Device-Specific Games

Technology enhances our lives daily, and it’s thrilling to witness how liberal it is. With the future here, mobile gaming has become a prerequisite of the 21st century, or specifically of 2020. 

Existing software is upgraded to elementary versions that make full use of the limited screen size. Rapid mobile data speeds allow for efficient gameplay, and connectivity enables players to go online and play with friends. 

Mobile optimised casino development is a brilliant way to keep players engaged for longer. Thus, allowing them to play at their convenience, with a device of their choice. 

Casinos also use algorithms to anticipate what is suitable for a specific player. These methods can be in the form of filtering games, custom bonuses and VIP packages. This type of AI algorithm is mostly prominent in sports betting.  


It has been a bit of an uphill climb with the pandemic and its chain reaction. Land-based casinos have suffered tremendously, with most of them shutting down during the lockdown. On the other hand, online casino developers have adapted and made the best of the hand dealt to them. 

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