How Does The UK Immigration System Work

Post by : Elliot Preece on 22.12.2021

Ever since the changes of Brexit, all the European Union citizens not residing in the UK have the same rights as a citizen from any other country. This implies that if anyone wants to arrive or settle in the UK then they have to apply for the visa according to the new points-based immigration system. For more information regarding how to get ILR UK, contact our team of best immigration lawyers.

Reasons for Changes in the Immigration System of the UK

Until the UK was part of the EU then anyone from an EU country had automatic permission to come and settle in the UK on a work basis. The changes in the immigration system were one of the key agendas behind the Brexit Campaign. The new system introduced as a result of changes made due to Brexit is a point-based system. The only exception from the current immigration system is Irish citizens as they still hold the right to openly settle and work in the UK as they are part of the Common Travel Area.

How are points awarded?

The points-based immigration system suggests any migrant worker who wishes to move and settle in the UK has to earn 70 points. The points are awarded for each requirement fulfilled. In case you have a job offer from an employer in the UK and you are fluent in the English language that will earn you straight 50 points. Moreover, higher qualifications will help you earn some extra points. You will be awarded 10 points if you have a doctorate in relevant subjects and 20 points for a PhD in science, (technology, engineering, or maths). You will earn 20 points if you are offered a job that has a shortage of candidates to apply for in the UK. The jobs from particular departments like health and education are also awarded 20 points even if the salary offered is less than £25,600.

The application process of getting a UK visa

The application for the visa can be submitted online by filling in the form online on the official website of the Home office but some people might need to visit the application visa centre personally for identity proof and to submit evidence documents. The documents you need to submit are to verify the information you submitted and must be submitted carefully as one wrong document can lead to rejection of your visa.

UK visa application process cost

The visa application process fees that you might need to submit at the time of applying may differ depending upon different factors. The fees depend on the number of years you intend to do a job in the UK or whether the job you were being offered is on the list of jobs that have a shortage of employees in the UK e.g. the vets and website designers. The standard fees for the jobs on the shortages list are between £610 and £1,408.

The applicants would also be required to pay £624 per annum as a health surcharge at the time of application of the visa. Other than that applicants are also required to prove that they have enough financial resources to afford their stay in the UK without relying upon public funds. The person should have a minimum of £1,270 available.
Education and health

Doctors and nurses and any other applicants relating to healthcare professionals are offered a fast track visa scheme. The fees of the visa application process are lower for people eligible for this visa. The health surcharge is also revoked for individuals who are granted this visa. Even though most of the individuals related to healthcare professionals will be covered through this type of visa but still it would be necessary to meet the minimum salary requirements

Does everyone need a visa?

The deadline set by the authorities for the application for EU settlement was 30th June 2021 but the Government has announced still accepting the application from anyone with a valid excuse for not applying within the deadlines. Other than that, there are many schemes introduced for assisting people to settle and work in the UK. Hope this article was sufficiently informative regarding the immigration system of the UK. has a group of experienced ILR lawyers that can get you through the complicated process of immigration, get in touch with us and you’ll be able to sit back, relax easily while we do the heavy lifting for you.

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