How Does Metal Recycling Work and Why It’s Worth to be Eco-Friendly in a Big City?

Post by : Elliot Preece on 14.10.2019

Metal surrounds us everywhere, from beautiful jewellery pieces, through household goods, to soda cans. While the first you enjoy for years, decades or even get as a family gift, others are usually more prone to destruction. Their shelf life cycle is shorter, so producers need more metal to deliver goods. The demand grows fast, we’re getting used to our phones, gadgets or even drinks, which leads to bigger supplies from producers. Sounds like working economic machine. There is only one ‘BUT’ — we have a limited amount of metals on Earth.

So How Does It Work?

Long story short, giving the metal products a new life needs some vital steps. First, there needs to be said material. It all starts with sorting your rubbish into the right bins or, in the case of electronics, the special places. Then, the metal is crushed into irregularly shaped pieces that are later on separated from all impurities. After that, all the remaining covering, like paint or varnish are removed. Metal is then ready to be melted, where further cleaning helps to remove all the remaining dirt and casting. After that, you have the purest possible secondary raw material.

The whole process can vary, depending on the metal and the way it will be reused in the future.

Recycling Metal — Is It Really Worth It?

  • Yes!

Let’s start with the money. Most of us have a habit of collecting scrap you don’t use. What happened to your old smartphone? Have you sold it, given to the family member, or maybe it is hidden from the world somewhere in your drawer? What about your car rims? Instead of throwing them away, make some quid out of it. Check the best scrap metal prices in the UK, and get rid of your stash away habits with a great wallet effect.

  • Of Course!

Goods will be cheaper for all of us. How? Recycling metals will allow us to use more and more secondary raw materials. It means that they will have to be mined only once, and after that we can reuse them forever. What does it mean to you? Not only you can get a good pound from recycling, you will be also able to pay less for the goods you purchase. Sounds impossible? It’s not. Mining is way more expensive from cleaning and melting process, so in the final count, you’re paying less for the same thing. Even if the inflation strikes, and you don’t notice the difference, remember that without it you would pay more. That doesn’t sound so lovely, does it?

  • No Way You’re Not Doing It Already!

Even with all the cash benefits, you cannot explain the importance of recycling scrap metal without remembering our mother, Earth. Fuels, minerals, metals, forests and oceans — they’re all part of the big picture, but, sadly, if you look closely, you will notice the troubles we have at every part of the world. At this point, we must embrace the climate change action and start taking care of our Planet. What will we do if we lack some metal? Reuse the one that we have. What will we do, if we’re globally in the need of drinking water? Let’s all start to respect nature with small things, and when they become a habit, do some more good. We owe it to Earth.

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