Home Maintenance Checklist in Manchester: From Solar Installations to Aerial Repairs

Post by : Sam Allcock on 28.09.2020

Considering the massive investment you put towards buying your home in Manchester— it is only right that you carry that same energy towards maintaining it. Your house takes on a ton of stress from daily use. Maintenance is key if you want to be able to live without putting out fires every other day. The bonus? It preserves the value of your home. 

Should you move to a different neighbourhood or city altogether, the sale from your current house can cover your major expenses and then some.  You can separate your maintenance checklist into 3 categories: functionality, sustainability, and cleanliness. Each part addresses common issues that contribute to wear and tear. When you stay on top of everything, you can minimise the damages and save on costs. 

Keep Everything Functional

All  systems depend on their annual maintenance to work efficiently. Even with responsible use, there are just too many variables that slip our attention. An annual check-up is a great time to inspect how well the cogs and gears are doing and make adjustments. It is the proverbial reset button. 


Inspect the toilets, taps, and drains for any kind of leak or blockage. For your toilet, you may want to pay attention to how it flushes. Does the water run too long? Does it flush multiple times? The flapper is one of the first things that deteriorate in the toilet, so you may need to replace it. 

For your taps, pay attention to low water pressure and leaks. Are some faucets stronger than others? Do they drip throughout the night? It can be difficult to find a catch-all solution for this, but you may want to invest in a water filter to control the sediment and grime build-up. 

When you address these problems, you can save on your water bills and repair fees.


You are always advised to have your boiler checked by an engineer at least once a year. What they don’t mention enough is that you have to pay attention to the other elements of your heating system as well. Check your thermostat, radiators, and flues. You may need to clean them or replace a couple of parts. 


Bulky home entertainment units might be a thing of the past in most homes, but that doesn’t mean TVs are outdated. If anything, they learned to integrate with current entertainment trends. Given the rise of online streaming services, it doesn’t make sense to pay expensive cable rates. Like most of the UK, Manchester residents settle for TV aerials and satellite dishes for Freeview or Freesat.  

Besides changing out your remote battery once in a while, don’t forget to retune your TV. Losing channels over time is natural since aerials tend to move bit by bit. If retuning your TV doesn’t do the trick, there might be a more significant issue. Call for an aerial repair in Manchester and have the technician take a look at your system. From positions, angles to hardware upgrades, they can give you better reception so you can enjoy all the channels available in your area.

If you are looking for other ways to budget solutions, check out: 4 Ways for Homeowners to Enjoy Cheaper Entertainment

When you fix problems immediately and maintain each system with their functionality in mind, you can better improve your quality of life. You can watch what you want to watch without any issues. You can get a decent shower without weak water pressure. And during long winters or cold nights, you can rest in an efficiently warmed home. 

Keep Everything Sustainable

Being sustainable or eco-friendly is not just about dealing with climate change and depleting resources at home. It is also considering lifestyle changes people can make to address the unnecessary excess in everyday actions. During your annual or seasonal maintenance, ask yourself: how efficient is your current system? Are there any changes you can adapt to improve this?

Waste Management

How do you dispose of your trash? If you have a garden, you may want to create a compost pit to take care of any food scraps and biodegradable material. If you find yourself spending a lot of time sorting out the recycling, you can also invest in designated trash bins.

Water Usage

If you own your property, you might want to look into rain collectors. It doesn’t necessarily have to replace the water in your home, but it is nice to use it for miscellaneous tasks like watering the garden or washing the car. 

Another way you can improve water usage is by addressing plumbing problems early. Leaving a leak unchecked can turn into litres of water just going down the drain. Besides wasting water, think about the bill! The longer it leaks, the more it becomes an expensive problem. 

Energy Usage

As the government shifts to more eco-friendly options, combination boilers and electric boilers are becoming popular. It takes away the carbon footprint of burning fuel and can be hooked up to renewable energy sources like solar. 

If you want to keep your energy usage the same, pay attention to the efficiency of your machines and make adjustments. Big-ticket items like your boiler, refrigerator, and washer-dryer are some you might want to pay attention to, they tend to slip after the 5-10 year mark. However, if you want to invest, solar panels are the way to go. When you make more energy than you consume, you can sell that electricity to the government with feed-in tariffs! 

If you are looking for other ways to conserve energy, you can visit the blog: Top Energy Saving Tips For Your Home.  

Keep Everything Clean

In a busy city like Manchester, it can be difficult to stay on top of things. However, there are great rewards when you give a little TLC now and then. Besides maintaining and repairing once a year, you can do short monthly inspections to make sure that you aren’t swamped with work when spring comes along. Here you can do a bit of cleaning or make minor adjustments. A casual look through can help you spot the problems as they happen.

You can accomplish this checklist by sitting down and listing the individual elements. Then break it down further by the 3 categories listed here: functionality, sustainability, and cleanliness. Some parts of your home are more prone to issues than others. You can use that as a gauge for how often you should inspect them. Even with a busy schedule, any Manchester resident can follow these steps and keep their home in excellent shape!

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