Will grants have to be repaid

The tariffs are available to all energy systems, whether they have received grants or not.

However, some grant schemes require that any grant is repaid if a system is registered for the Tariffs.

It all depends on the grant scheme:

  • LCBP Low Carbon Buildings Programme – householders (Stream 1): No need to repay
  • LCBP Low Carbon Buildings Programme – commercial (Stream 2): Yes – must repay
  • Energy Saving Scotland Home Renewables (formerly SCHRI): No need to repay

For many other grant schemes it is unclear if grants need to be repaid, including

  • RDPE, the Rural Development Programme for England
  • YESS, the Young Entrant Support Scheme in Wales
  • SRDP, the Scottish Rural Development Programme – Scottish Government currently awaiting clarification from DECC and OFGEM. Final decision expected by end of May

For these schemes, it will be best to ask the grant administrators. If you get a definitive answer, please let us know!

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