EVVR Home Automation Launches No-Neutral Wire Smart Switch, Eliminated Light Flickering Problem

Post by : Amy Sinden on 13.10.2021

Smart Technology Innovator Leads the Charge to Simplify the Transition to Smart Lighting

London: September 28, 2021

EVVR Home Automation, a smart home company has launched an all-new smart light switch, designed to address several common issues associated with conventional smart lighting. Engineered without the limitations of smart relay switches, the EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch that equipped with Zigbee 3.0 technology, boasts no size limitations, no neutral wire required, and no minimum load requirements.

Effectively, it is one of the first remote switches that can be used to turn your regular light switch into a wireless device-controlled light switch without the need for a neutral wire to power the device. The system is also compatible with the vast majority of conventional light bulbs, eliminating problematic flickering associated with other smart lighting systems and dimmers.

Unique Split Design

“In-Wall Relay Switch is designed with two parts: Smart Relay and Smart Switch Sub-Assembly. The Smart Relay adds wireless connectivity to your lights, and the Smart Switch is an optional add-on that connects the Smart Relay and your light switches for expanded functionality. The patent-pending design offers uncompromising performance. Thanks to its unique design, the Smart Switch part of the In-Wall Relay Switch is smaller than the popular smart switches in the world. You can fit two switches in any electrical box to support up to 4-way and up to 4-gang panel switches.”

Unlike other smart light switches, the In-Wall Relay Switch does not require a neutral wire to operate.  This means that the In-Wall Relay Switch can be installed in place of any conventional light switch around the home, even if there is no neutral wire present.

Eliminating the requirement for a neutral wire can also lead to significant savings on installation costs, as the EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch can be installed in minutes by a licensed electrician.

No Minimum Load, No light flickering

“The concept behind the In-Wall Relay Switch is to bring the intelligent lighting experience to a vast number of people around the world, respecting and without changing their existing usage habits. For example, it can be integrated seamlessly into their existing 2-wire lighting systems, supporting the installed energy-efficient light bulbs at their living space and also the conventional toggle light switches”
 – Martin Liu, CEO of EVVR Home Automation

Along with the simplicity of the installation process, the In-Wall Relay Switch has been designed to work with the most energy-efficient light bulbs and eliminate common safety issues, such as electrical leakage and light flickering.
Whether you are in Europe, UK, or the United States, the In-Wall Relay Switch will work with almost all voltage requirements and light fixtures – AC 85V-240V – incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights.
Upgrading to smart home lighting automation technology can be as simple as replacing a conventional light switch.

Check out the full product specifications and more information from EVVR Home Automation.


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