EV charging station business pros and tips

Post by : Amy Sinden on 01.08.2022

Electric cars consistently replace diesel and petrol ones. It’s essential to build the proper infrastructure to chase the trend. That includes not only repair facilities but the EV Charging Stations. Read this article to discover if the business on charging is valuable.

Advantages of such business

  • Compact installation. Most stations guarantee their effectiveness and work despite the outdoor or indoor exploit.
  • Additional profit. Suppose you install a commercial electric car charging station on a pay-per-use basis. In this case, it will bring you extra money. The bonus money depends on the maximal venue capacity, currant level, and other factors.
  • Loyal customers. The zero-emission transport owners will visit the public place with EV charger regularly as the family leaves the worries about the car’s battery discharge.

The map-orientated apps have scanning options. After opening the station, the residents receive information about the new location..You’ll earn first chargeable money hours or even minutes after the equipment launch.

Choosing the proper location

These stations may be placed without significant restrictions. Most level 1 points are private homes due to low charging speed suitable for daily personal use only. The average time from 20 to 80 percent is about 12 hours.

The level 2 stations are popular among the assortment. They charge the motor car from 1 to 3 hours. That time allows to visit the market, have a walk with children, or solve routine questions. Most hotels invite quiet car owners with guest chargers. If there’s a queue to charge, the parking workers will help to accelerate charging. That means it will put your car on the free stand to vacate the place for next g. Stations ranging from 208 to 240 V are essential at business centers, transport hubs, restaurants, rest areas, and supermarkets with significant car flow. These facilities use billing mechanisms TOKA, UGV, and some others.

The direct currant level 3 electric car charging stations have narrower use as specific eligible to receive it. The possible locations are Tesla clubs. The manufacturer calls its high voltage accessories Super Chargers. Yes, 400-900 V monster charges the car in some minutes. It guarantees the traffic. Smaller cafes and gas station owners purchase them. Another target audience is the truck and bus stops. It will attract customers on commercial transport. Electric trucks and buses enter our life dynamically, so their drivers will appreciate this service during unloading or interval between arrival and departure.


The electric charging car infrastructure may seem very expensive. Sure, some skeptics say the truth as the Supercharger costs at least $19000, while the home or commercial 208-240 V station is much cheaper. But they have fewer traffic possibilities due to less speed. These stations turn into profit after six or seven months of regular exploit. A current tariff per kWh, inflation, traffic flow, and electricity issues affect this period. Um, I consider buying the solar battery for my parking…

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