Energy efficiency: The trend that’s here to stay

Post by : Emily Bennet on 10.04.2019

We have seen major global transformations since the beginning of 2019. Countries around the globe are uniting in that they know there needs to be a change, and now is the time to repair the world we have so gradually destroyed.

We are all becoming global citizens and realizing the benefits of helping each other and the environment. Energy is at the center of economic, global, social, and environmental problems and is the key component to a sustainable future.

Power has always been the driving force for any movement to succeed. With big investors and oil companies starting to choose the ethical routes (regardless of money), it has been shown that there is a magical change going on. Probably the single one of the most important things that most of the world can agree on, in this current moment, is that we need to be more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency can bring significant economic, environmental and social change. We need to take action, and with big corporations such as Shell and Chevron paving the way forward, a better world is becoming a closer reality. Organizations and investors who are profiting from the downfall of others are finally on the decline.

Environmentally friendly property market

The will to cut carbon emissions means sustainable housing is growing in popularity, with the UK having recently introduced new legislations regarding energy efficiency. Landlords and management industries are taking the environment into consideration. The approval of such legislations means reducing the negative impact on the environment whilst also thinking of the people and reducing costs for tenants. The average eco home can cut energy bills by 30%. There are also many ways to incorporate this into your own home for sustainable living.

  • Adding double glazing to your windows.
  • Investing in solar panels for your roof and for your garden.
  • Purchasing led lights that will last a whole lot longer.
  • Insulating your doors and lofts.
  • Choose eco-friendly appliances (fridge, kettle, TV, etc)
  • Fill in the cavity walls.

Trading ways

The world’s economy is still relying on stock markets for further change to occur. There is a technological revolution going on which has many beneficial prospects for the future. VR is at the top of its game with capability to transform many sectors in the investment industry.

ICP (Investor confidence project) aims to connect the energy efficiency sector in Europe to the financial markets to enable better access to finance through virtual reality.

The demand for environmentally friendly investments has also pushed the big guns in the fossil fuel business to venture into clean energy. As a result, it is becoming more common for oil majors to invest in renewable energy.

The Fibonacci sequence and its relevance to energy efficiency

One of the most famous mathematical formulas known to man, also known as nature’s secret code, Fibonacci’s theory can be used for architecture, mathematics, Fibonacci forex trading, you name it. There have been many scientists taking the Fibonacci sequence to discover ways to increase the efficiency of energy renewable sources and finding clues to the formation of Fibonacci spirals in the environment.

With the world continuously thinking of new inventory ways to sustain an energy efficient place, there is yet hope for a renewable, energy efficient place.

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