Tariffs payable in current period

Tariff levels payable in the period to next 31st March, based on the date of installation

The table at the bottom of this page shows the tariffs payable this year to installations, depending on when they were registered for the FITs. A downloadable version is available here.


Tariffs for the current period (Table A) are shown in the orange column.

Our tariff tables

We used to show all tariffs on a single table, but with all the revisions, rebanding, indexation and degression adjustments, this is no longer possible. We offer the following tables:

  • Table A: The starting tariffs on systems being installed in the current period (also shown on the other tables)
  • Table B: These tariffs payable this year on systems installed from the start of the scheme (adjusted for indexation)
  • Table C: The starting tariffs paid in all periods since the start of the scheme (excluding indexation)
  • Table D: The starting tariffs expected  in future (adjusted for degression)

Small view of this Table B

Downloadable version available here.

Tariff Table B