Easy 5-Step Guide for Eco-Friendly living

Post by : Amy Sinden on 29.08.2023

Like most people, you’re probably looking for fun and interesting ways to live an eco-friendlier life. After all, who doesn’t want to help the planet and build a better future for the next generations? It makes total sense.

So, if the news about climate change has recently prompted you to make some lifestyle changes, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, climate change is a big issue, but there are lots of things you can do to fight against it and do your part for the planet.

Interested to learn more? This 5-step guide for eco-friendly living will walk you through everything you need to do. Think of it as a blueprint (or greenprint) that you can use to start making some positive changes.

Step 1: Use Solar Water Heating

Over recent years, solar hot water installations have become incredibly popular. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute 1.5 million+ homes and businesses in the United States have switched to solar water heating. Here’s why:

  • Solar water heaters help to conserve natural resources
  • You can save lots of money on your monthly bills

The best part about all of this is that solar water heaters are very affordable. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to break the bank to have one installed, with the average cost of a solar water heater system ranging sitting at around $4000. When you think about the money that this will save you over the coming years, you quickly get a return on your investment while helping to save the planet at the same time, so it’s a win-win.

Step 2: Buy Clothes from Thrift Stores

Up and down the country, there are hundreds of thrift stores that you can visit and buy pre-owned clothes from. This is another eco-friendly lifestyle tip that countless people are currently using. Plus, thrift shopping is a great opportunity to channel your creativity and find some great bargains, such as big brands that are available to purchase at a fraction of their brand-new price.

Also, whenever you have an item of clothing that you no longer want or need, don’t throw it away. Instead, donate it to a thrift or charity store so that you can contribute to this positive clothing lifecycle.

Step 3: Use Public Transport

Public transport is your best when it comes to eco-friendly living.

By using public transport, you can drastically reduce how much driving you drive, whether you normally drive a car or motorcycle. In turn, you reduce your carbon emissions and save on fuel money.

In terms of public transport options, you have:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Subways

Whichever you choose, you’ll still be able to get to where you need to go. The difference is that your carbon emissions are substantially cut.

Interestingly, switching from cars to public transportation can reduce as much as 2.2. tons of carbon emissions per year for each individual. Despite what some skeptics say, this is measurable evidence that demonstrates that public transport is worth it.

Step 4: Recycle Everything

Your next job is to recycle everything that you possibly can, from water bottles to old cardboard. Sure, bundling everything into one bin bag can be tempting, but don’t fall into this trap. Instead, make sure you have separate recycling bins that you use. Whether you live in a big home or a small apartment, there should be plenty of room for them.

Step 5: Start Planting Trees

The fifth and final step is to start planting trees.

Yep, some people still aren’t aware that (as a human being) you have the complete freedom to plant any trees you want providing you have the landowner’s permission. If you own the land yourself (e.g., your backyard), you only need permission from yourself and can start planting trees as soon as tomorrow after you’ve purchased some seeds.

Trees are excellent when it comes to combatting climate change. The reason for this is that they counteract the effects of greenhouse gases while also providing people with purer air to breathe in. This is why countless businesses and organizations are now introducing eco-friendly initiatives that involve planting lots of trees yearly. For example, SeaPigs sells reusable bottles and plants a tree for every bottle it sells, which is beautiful.

Whether you plant 1 or 100 trees this year, you’re going to have an amazing impact on the planet, which you should be extremely proud of, and an effort that you should boast about.

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