Do I need a business consultant? By Neil Debenham

Post by : Neil Debenham on 26.10.2020

Every business will stumble across a time when they feel they may need some extra help and so the question of hiring a business consultant arises. But do you actually need one and what type?

Neil Debenham, who runs a Global Business Consultancy, says whether you’re an entrepreneur or trying to expand your existing business, hiring a business consultant can certainly be a cost-effective way to get some vital knowledge that might help you grow your company and boost that turnover.

What does a business consultant do?

Simply put, they are an outside expert helping you solve an internal company problem. They have independent schedules, lots of clients and work with partners or alone. They bring lots of knowledge and tips.

They can also check your business plan is efficient and identified marketing needs well. 

As there are many different aspects involved with running a business, there are many consultants with specific skill sets, so how do you know which to choose? Neil Debenham offers this advice on who to hire:

Management or strategy consultants

When your performance needs a boost, these are the people in the know. They work with strategy, structure and management operations. A management consultant would identify any problems, find solutions to anything that will prevent the company from progressing.

These consultants can guide owners to create new and improved business plans and show you ways that you can cut down on costs and promote more efficiency across your workforce.

Legal consultants

You may think an accountant is everything you need when you’re setting up a new business but legal consultants are there to cover some extra issues that you may not have considered.

Your business many need consultation on issues over say, staff contracts, banking matters or intellectual property. They’re also there to identify any legal issues and provide advice and help draft any legal documents or handle disputes.

Financial consultants

My role is to help businesses make decisions they may find complicated, smart ones which will help them grow. A financial consultant will show you everything from tax-related issues, market trends or other similar problems,” says Neil Debenham.

You will certainly save money in areas you might not have thought possible, so it’s always worth getting in touch with one. Any issues you may be facing relating to taxes, market trends or other economic problems can all be dealt with.

Marketing consultants

If you want to see people singing from the skies about your business, then they are the consultants you need. They’ll find the best ways to sell you products and where, but the best thing is, they’ll have a string of useful strategies that will help in the current market.

Marketing consultants will look at your business plan and adapt them to help you meet your long-term aims, in particular that the company’s mission is adhered to and that results are being measured and tracked effectively.  

PR consultant

If you can afford one, a PR consultant is worth their weight in gold as they’ll help show you ways to secure editorial, which holds a lot more sway than paid for adverts. Effective PR consultants help their clients develop a variety of ways to communicate to the public on behalf of their brands, with the most important aim being keeping the positive image of the brand.

They are the people behind securing coverage when you need it most and getting you out of holes when untruths are being spread about your company. They’ll respond in the best way, ensuring your news gets you noticed.

IT consultants

There aren’t many companies who could say they don’t use any technology. And to keep things fresh and up-to-date you should really be considering fully moving into the digital era if you haven’t already.

IT consultants show your company how to grow your business by using the latest technology, as well as assist with things like computer hardware and software engineering.

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