Development of online games in times of worldwide restrictions and bans

Post by : Sam Allcock on 18.05.2021

Coronavirus, widespread lockdowns and self-isolation in almost every country in the world have led to shifts in the global gambling (gambling) market and its most dynamic part – online casinos.

What has become of the online gambling space

What is happening in the market today – we have found out in a joint partner project with Parimatch. Our conclusion – in any seemingly problematic situation you can find opportunities for development, especially if the conditions are created for this. Interesting details are in the article casinos not registered with gamestop.

According to the portal iGaming Business, as of April 2020, when the coronavirus epidemic engulfed much of the world and almost all sports events were canceled, and the world market of online gambling also began to chang.

An interesting innovation emerged: a much larger number of players began to enter online casinos every day than the week before. It happened at the expense of sports betting enthusiasts, because there are far fewer reasons to be

The volume of average deposit at online casinos in the world in March rose by 3% compared to February 2020. In this case the leader was the Netherlands, where the growth was 9%

In March, people began to use smartphones rather than computers for betting more often – an increase of 8% compared to February (67% of all bets online are from mobile devices).

At the same time there is no significant transition of players from offline casinos to their online counterparts. However, this may be temporary. According to H2 Gambling Capital, the coronavirus epidemic has led to a significant drop in the volume of the global gambling market. Their forecast for 2020 is a market decline of at least 1% over 2019 to $452 billion (the industry’s gross winnings).

Before COVID-19 brought so much calamity to our planet, the market of online gambling was already a common and global phenomenon and was expanding quite intensively. But the coronavirus contributed to an even greater increase in the popularity of online gambling, which was already growing rapidly, increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. People who could not visit real casinos, racetracks or betting shops switched in large numbers to online casinos, betting sites and gaming sites. In addition, self-isolation has caused people who would not normally be gamblers to suddenly start playing online games, including gambling.

So what made people, besides just interest and free time, immerse themselves in online gambling during such a difficult time of the past year? Perhaps the fact that many online casinos began to offer their potential customers many bonuses and benefits already at the start, when registering. In this case, the sites even made such concessions even for already registered players. In particular, many online casinos began to increase the RTP percentage. That is to say, this suggests that the club’s customers have a great chance of winning. All casino gambling is available not only with real bets, but also for free in demo versions.

Amid the loyalty of cyber gambling sites in the UK alone, according to the research agency Analytics Insight, the number of people playing slot machines in online casinos has increased by 25% and online poker by 38%. Meanwhile, data released by RESEARCHANDMARKETS in September showed that online gambling was the main beneficiary of the COVID-19 crisis restrictions. In Australia, the number of users of online gambling sites and applications increased by 67% in just one week in April. As for the USA, studies conducted by Global Poker, the largest American poker room, show that the use of poker sites in America increased by 43% after the closure of casinos and poker clubs, as well as after the adoption of harsh measures of social landing and self-isolation betting sites not on gamstop.

If we talk about Russia, then in our country, too, interest in online gambling increased significantly amid the coronavirus restrictions. And, it is worth noting that this growth continues to this day and has no tendency to decline. In particular, according to the Yandex Wordstat keyword statistics service, the number of requests for the phrase “online casino” increased from 959047 in March this year to 2993343 in November. Thus, the popularity of this query in the Yandex search engine has actually tripled and continues to grow.

The advantages of online casinos during the pandemic

Fast access to the world of pleasure and the chance to instantly get rich, the variety of slot machines from proven global software developers, the availability of lucrative bonuses, makes virtual clubs more and more attractive to visitors. Among the other advantages of online casinos stand out:

  • round-the-clock user support
  • a wide range of bets;
  • instant payments by convenient methods.

Another significant advantage of online clubs is the impossibility of getting a coronavirus infection. Contact with live people will not have to. This means that you can play without fear for your health.

Along with the growing popularity of online casinos appeared willing to make money on this. In order not to be disappointed in the virtual slot machines, it is recommended to avoid one-day sites. They may be fraudulent. On these portals visitors will not see a huge variety of slots, bonuses or license will be absent.

Warn should be scant choice of payment methods for deposit and withdrawal. It is also important to check the work of the support team, because its absence is one of the most vivid signs of dishonest club. Choosing a casino, you should carefully examine the rules of the site, read the feedback from players on thematic forums.


Online casinos have already been a very popular form of entertainment preferred by many people around the world, since it’s a great chance to have fun, get a dose of happiness hormones, a piece of gambling and even a chance to get richer and maybe forever change your life for the better. During the quarantine, it got even more developed, because people had to somehow entertain themselves during the widespread ban, then they came to the aid of gambling. Run and try to play it is not difficult, and you can get a lot more than you imagine, you should try!

To start just have to run any site and plunge into the process of your favorite game.

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