Can You Run a Hot Tub On Solar Power?

Post by : Amy Sinden on 23.06.2022

Heating large amounts of water in hot tubs require a lot of energy and can also be expensive. The approximate cost to run a hot tub in the UK is £65 per month for a one-hour session and four hours on weekends. Because of rising energy costs, many people are looking for cheaper ways to heat their hot tubs.

Is it possible to heat your hot tub using solar power?

Yes, it is. It’s one of the best options because it’s more affordable and better for the environment.

There are two kinds of hot tub solar heating: one that heats the water through a heat exchanger and one that uses regular solar cells with energy storage batteries.

1. Heat Exchange Panel

Using a heat exchange panel is the simplest method to heat your hot tub. It will not work if less than 6 hours of direct sun each day.

It works like this: It works by cold water being pumped from the bottom into the hot tub via tubes. The heat exchanger heats by absorbing the sun’s heat. The tubes are placed on a dark background to absorb the sun’s heat. Black absorbs all wavelengths and reflects none. Because light is energy, the more light an object absorbs, it will absorb more heat. To magnify heat, adding a perspex or glass cover to the front is common.

After the water has been heated, the water is returned to the top of your hot tub. The water cools and drops to the bottom, where it is collected again and goes through the heating process. Remember, you must find the best hot tubs for sale to get maximum results if you live in the UK.


Hot water is available in large quantities

Warmer climates will cause more hot water because more energy is absorbed by longer days and more sunlight.


This system can be used for years without maintenance once it is up and running. There are no moving parts or mechanical components that could fail.

It’s easy to get in shape.

It’s easy to set it up and quick to install, so you can get up and run no matter how little time it takes.

You can use it with an electric heating system.

In colder climates, solar heating might not be possible. Therefore, the inbuilt electric heater may be required to provide an initial boost.


Larger heat exchanger unit

The exchanger units are 6-8 feet long and can measure 2-3 feet wide. You need ample space to store them. You can stack together them but take up much space.

Temperature control is not possible.

The water temperature cannot be controlled. A thermometer is the only way to check it. The exchanger can pump boiling water into your hot tub on hot days. The inbuilt electric heater will shut off automatically to prevent the water from boiling when it is used. There is no such device for solar power.

You cannot store energy.

The system does not store any energy. It heats on demand. You can connect solar panels to rechargeable batteries. This system heats the water during the hottest hours of the day and cools it when the sun sets.

2. Solar panels with energy storage batteries

You can alternatively heat a hot tub using solar energy and energy storage batteries. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, then stored in the energy storage battery.

Contact the manufacturer to confirm that the system can be used with your hot tub. You will need additional power, as it consumes a lot of energy. How much sunlight your area receives and the energy you use will determine how much power is required.

The upfront cost of the system makes it difficult to save money initially. You will need to keep the system in use for many years to save significantly. The system can work for as long as ten years. This makes it an attractive investment. You may have to replace the battery at some point.

You don’t need to wait for your hot tub to reach its maximum lifespan to install this type of solar energy system.

Is it possible to void my warranty?

You should verify that your hot tub’s warranty has expired before you look for a solar energy solution.

If your product is still under warranty and you are interested in exploring the solar panel route for yourself, contact the seller. You might convert it to solar energy and keep your security. It may cost more than doing it yourself, but it is not worth voiding your deposit on your hot tub if you have one.

How can you save money?

It all depends on many factors, including how often the hot tub is used, how efficient its insulation is, how warm the ambient air is, where the hot tub is located, and how large the solar panel is.

You will save more money if the solar panel system works with your hot tub and lasts five years. There is little chance that the solar panel system will return its cost over five years. It’s also unlikely that it will heat your hot tub for over three-quarters of its heating requirements.

It is worth it if you intend to keep your hot tub and solar panels system for at least ten years. Solar panel hot tub systems are not only more cost-effective but also more sustainable.

Final Words

The best solar heating system to heat your hot tub depends on its use, available sunlight, and environmental goals.

A solar power system could be an excellent investment if you live in a warmer area and don’t use a lot of hot tubs. DIY is a good option if looking for the best system at the lowest initial costs.

Solar power combined with a hot tub will reduce your energy bills. They are renewable and green, so they won’t emit harmful carbon dioxide or pollutants into the atmosphere. This will help reduce your carbon footprint.

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