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Post by : Sam Allcock on 18.02.2021

Guess what! The biggest emitter of blue light is the sun. However, blue light is also emitted by digital screens, and it can be dangerous to your eye health. This is because overexposure to blue light wavelengths can potentially age your eyes prematurely. This means that every time you look at a phone, computer or TV, you are putting yourself at risk of digital eye strain.

But not to worry! SmartBuyGlasses has a perfectly affordable solution. You can add their zFORT™ blue light filter to any pair of glasses, whether you want the top designers or budget-friendly frames from £6. Alternatively, purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses to eliminate the threatening blue rays. Both these solutions are particularly effective for those that spend extended periods of time on the computer or using a mobile phone. This can be for those that work on computers, or those that relax with a screen, such as gaming or watching telly. If you do both, well, then you really need blue light glasses!

What is Blue Light?

The sun’s rays are made up of multiple colours, including rays of red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Each ray of light is different, and has varying levels of energy, with unique wavelengths too. The blue light rays have a much shorter wavelength than the rest, but their energy levels are much higher. This makes exposure to blue light very intense for the human eye. As the blue light rays easily penetrate the retina, our eyes are greatly threatened by it.

Are There Any Benefits to Blue Light?

Surprisingly enough, yes. Despite it being widely accepted that blue light is dangerous, there are actually some benefits. A little blue light exposure is necessary for improving our memory and mood. Blue light also helps the body regulate our sleeping patterns, and contributes to the development of children’s eye health.

At the other end of the spectrum, too much exposure to harmful blue light can be dangerous. This is because it leads to digital eye strain, which is becoming more and more common. Symptoms include difficulty sleeping, frequent headaches and tired or dry eyes. In the worst case scenario, these symptoms can begin to impose on your daily life, and mental health can be affected as a consequence. It is therefore strongly advised to take good care around blue light sources like mobiles, computers and televisions.

What is zFORT™ ?

zFORT™ blue light block technology is a coating that can be added to any glasses lens. It works by filtering out any blue light wavelengths that range from 380 to 500nm. The technology has recently been introduced by SmartBuyGlasses, and has proven to be effective in protecting your eyes and general health.

Opting for blue light blocking glasses means that your enjoyment of screen time will do nothing but increase. The benefit of zFORT™ is that you can turn any pair of glasses into blue light blockers, and look effortlessly stylish while shielding your eyes. Neither does it discriminate against non-glasses wearers. Even if you don’t have a prescription, you can still get blue light glasses. Just choose a plano (non-prescription) lens at the checkout, and add the blue light filter. This means that those without a prescription can join in the fun of wearing glasses, and don’t have to miss out on protecting their eyes! As if that wasn’t enough, the blue light filter it is offered at an excellent price point, so computer glasses are now accessible to all, just as they should be.

Reasons to Invest in zFORT

If you aren’t convinced already, here are some extra perks to zFORT™. We believe them to be essential to avoiding digital eye strain and keeping your general health out of harm’s way. Plus, then you can continue enjoying your screen time without having to worry!

  1. zFORT™ shields you from blue light, which is essential for anyone working on a computer, or spending leisure time gaming or watching TV.
  2. Spending long periods of time on digital screens leads to continuous exposure to blue light rays. This greatly increases the risk of eye strain. zFORT™ will put a stop to this.
  3. Keeping digital eye strain at bay means that you will inevitably sleep better and reduce the risk of premature eye ageing.

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