Best Slots Online with Multipliers Bonus Symbols

Post by : Sam Allcock on 08.12.2020

Multipliers on online no deposit slots are fantastic since they can increase potential winnings many times. How many times will depend on the multiplier in question, and while the majority will be somewhere between 2x and 10x, some can be as much as 1000x or even more. It’s clear they’re a useful tool if you’re looking to really make some big wins at slots. 

As well as having multipliers of different sizes, there are multipliers that will be triggered at different points in the game, which makes it even more exciting.

How Online Slot Multipliers Work

As the name suggests, online slot multipliers take your bet, the line win, or the total win, and multiply it. Multipliers land on the reels just like any other symbol, but unlike most other symbols they can make a big difference to the outcome of the game. 

Different Types of Online Slot Multiplier

There are a number of different types of multiplier that you can use during your slots games. In the standard game, because they are generally easier to trigger, the multipliers will be worth less. However, in bonus games they will be worth more, usually because those bonus games don’t come up all the time, and if they do, you’ll have to work hard to get the multipliers and other bonuses. Some of the different types of online slot multiplier include: 

·         Free spins multiplier

As well as the base and bonus game multipliers we have already mentioned, it is also possible to get a free spins multiplier. This will be triggered when you are also winning free spins, and they trigger a lot too – you can gain plenty of free spins in this way. If you combine the extra free spins with another type of multiplier, you could win a massive jackpot. 

·         Wild multiplier

The wild multiplier comes about when wild symbols act as multipliers. 

·         Scatter symbol multiplier

Although these are not present in all slots, in some the scatter symbol can trigger the multiplier. Generally, the scatter won’t need to be on the actual payline, but can be anywhere and the multiplier will still be triggered. 

Games To Play

What are the best online slots that incorporate multipliers into their gameplay? There are many of them, but here are some of the best: 

·         Mega Moolah

·         Cash Kingdoms

·         Big Win Cat

·         Royal Family

·         Wicked Tales: Dark Red

·         Guns ‘n’ Roses

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