Best Legislated Games of 2021

Post by : Sam Allcock on 16.03.2021

The past few years have seen a wave of changing and altering legislation in favour of gambling. Norway is one such country that still has strict gambling laws, and things are changing gradually. Because of this, many Norweigan gamblers use platforms like norske casinoer to help find the right off-shore gambling site for them. 

That being said, there are 1000s of excellent, award-winning options available to players from Norway. This includes classics, new favourites, and new versions of casino staples. Check out this quick reference guide to find the best online casino game for you, courtesy of gambling expert and a great writer Nina Olsendburg.


Each slot will be equipped with several reels, a theme, and an RTP. The number of reels will vary from three to seven, and themes range from ancient history to science fiction. A game’s RTP stands for its return to player rate; this percentage will reflect how much of a game’s payout will go to the player. The average RTP will be around 96-98%.

Regardless of which online casino you choose to gamble with, it’ll contain a random number generator. This program ensures fairness of play; this program will randomly produce a number based on the game’s parameters which will then translate to the results of your spin. There are no such things as hot or cold machines when it comes to virtual game providers.

Two of the most popular slot casino games available to Norweigan players at the time of writing are Book of Dead and Starburst. There are 100s of options across the board; take some free spins, and see what games are best for you.

Table Games

Poker Game

You can’t think of the best casino games on the market without mentioning poker. Globally, poker is one of the most popular table games in any online casino. Poker comes in many shapes and sizes, including Texas Hold’em and Hi/Lo poker.

Tournaments like the Norwegian Poker Championship and World Series of Poker are enough to entice anyone to learn the game’s rules. Many sites will offer varying versions of virtual poker. These include, but aren’t limited to, video, live dealer, and VR poker.

Blackjack, Roulette, & Baccarat Game

Outside of poker, the most popular examples of virtual table games are blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Similar to poker, there are many variants of these games, depending on where you play them. For example, American roulette has different numbers on its pockets than European roulette.

Blackjack is a casino staple that is insanely easy to pick up. These games are quick, only requiring players to hit or hold on their hands; blackjack is a classic game that is a great choice for beginners. 

Another easy-to-learn game is baccarat, where players have a limited number of choices they need to make before the hand is over; you’ll be betting on the banker, the player, or a tie. Sites like 5Gringos Casino Anmeldelse offer an excellent selection of casino games and tables, including live dealer versions. Buy-ins for these types of tables will vary, but most of them start as low as €1. 

Conclusion – Best Casino Games 2021

In many ways, the best casino games in 2021 are the classics.. Poker, slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are staples that can be found in both online and physical casinos. With the coronavirus pandemic, gambling technology has taken off in an attempt to bring that casino authenticity to your living room through live dealer and VR games. Keep an eye out for the favourites to get better, with even more updates and makeovers as the year continues.

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