Best home security technologies to install in your home

Post by : Sam Allcock on 14.04.2022

From the way we communicate to the way we protect our homes; smart technology has paved the way for a future that is way more secure and safe. From cameras to alarms, securing your home has never been easier and we have put together a list of security technologies that you can install to make your house safer for you and your family. Installing a mix and match of these technologies to suit your home and needs is suggested.

Fire Alarms

One of the most important home security technologies to have installed for your safety, fire alarms are not only made mandatory by the Scottish government but are also extremely important for the safety of the people living in the neighbourhood. There are many kinds of fire alarms that you can get installed in your homes. To get fire alarms installed, though, you will need to get a safety examination conducted.

One of the cheapest and most found fire alarm systems is manual fire alarms. They rely on the occupants of the building to detect fire and pull down the lever to alert the building of the fire. Typically, these buttons or levers are placed around the building so they can be pulled at convenience and as quickly as possible.

An alternative to these is property protection alarm systems. They are of two kinds, with one being installed in normal areas. They usually have detectors installed that detect a fire quickly and act to neutralise it. The second type of protection alarm system is found in high-risk buildings only. To get fire alarms installed by professionals, click here.

Burglar Alarms

Intruder alarms are perfect to detect intrusion or invasion into your home and work to ensure that your home is safe. There are various kinds of burglar alarms that you can get installed depending on your needs.

The most common kind of burglar alarm are the ones used for doors and windows. These doors and window sensors are triggered when there is unauthorised access through these areas. The second most common kind of burglar alarm is motion sensors. These are typically placed in high-security areas that are not normally accessed by everyone. They get triggered based on unidentified motion. Break glass detectors are also quite famous when it comes to home security technologies. These alarms sound if there is the sound of breaking glass. They have a chip that recognizes the frequency of sound that is produced when glass is broken. If you have multiple windows in a room that you want to secure, you can place these detectors in the middle of the room.

Motion sensored lights

Motion sensor light systems are perfect for those who live in secluded or darker areas. These lights are triggered by movement and light up when they sense it. They are a low maintenance method of protecting and alerting yourself from intruders. They can be controlled and adjusted to meet the users’ needs, making them flexible in use and announcing a person’s presence more calmly. These systems provide security without taking up too much space or electricity.

They work by detecting infrared rays. What this means is that rather than emitting infrared rays, they receive them from objects that emit them, like humans and animals. By detecting a temperature difference, they light up. This detection is done by the pyroelectric chip that is often installed in them.

Video doorbells

One of the easiest and most useful home security technologies, video doorbells make it extremely easy to figure out who is on the other side of the door. Not only that, but they also allow you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world as the cameras for the video doorbell can be accessed by using an app. With video doorbells, you can install an alert for anytime someone rings your doorbell. The alert will ping your smartphone to let you know that you have guests.

One of its uses is that you can not only see but also hear and talk to the people via the app and your doorbell camera and microphone. With the artificial intelligence technologies getting better every day, video doorbells are now able to tell the difference between an intruder versus a neighbourhood cat or dog. You can also get the more advanced video doorbells that have facial recognition, enabling you to identify between family and friends and others.

Video Doorbells are also perfect for you if you do not live at your home a lot or must be out during the day. They can be fitted with motion sensors to alert you if anyone is on your property as well.

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