Bespoke cabins: is it worth the investment?

Post by : Elliot Preece on 05.04.2022

Bespoke log cabins built for outdoor recreation are still often associated with primitive, rectangular boxes for holidaymakers who are not looking for great convenience. However, with the rapid advancement of modern construction, this budget cottage option can meet the needs of more and more settlers and become additional space for relaxation or a beloved hobby. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to review the main reasons why bespoke log cabins uk can become a great choice for your garden plot.

Great value for money

Those who have to look a little more closely at the construction of small wooden houses will quickly notice that mobile homes offer excellent value for money. Properly processed, high-quality, and regularly maintained wood in a small wooden house will make you feel like in a solid, nature-smelling house, and wooden house constructions and lighter foundations will cost much less than installing other types of housing. It is true that, like any other natural material, wood is a good medium for the growth of rot, fungus, mildew, and mold. As increased humidity give these organisms better conditions for growth, professional measures are needed to protect wood properly. The same rule applies to the maintenance of the facade of a wooden house – well-maintained facade wood protected with high-quality materials will look beautiful even after 30 years.

Individual design that saves money

It is not difficult to understand that the cost of mobile homes directly depends on their size, ceiling height, quality, and equipment. However, when assessing the price and quality of the house, it is important to pay attention to the fact that buying a wooden house that has already been designed and manufactured makes you agree on a lot of compromises as well as accept the layout of the mobile house and unnecessary spaces. For this reason, we suggest that you carefully consider designing an individual cottage according to your personal needs. While at first glance it may look that individually designed, modern bespoke log cabins will cost significantly more, this is not true. When designing an individual wooden house, you will plan your living space according to your personal needs, as well as pay for what you do need.

Wide range of applications

Many wooden cottage projects are still considered minimalist due to the relatively simple needs of owners, but this does not mean that their architectural and installation possibilities are limited. According to experts, there are many examples of wooden houses being adapted for both summer and winter seasons, turning them into cozy and comfortable holiday homes or comfortable spaces for other work and leisure activities. Individually designed bespoke log cabins uk can be turned into your comfortably designed workroom, a sports hall, and maybe even a space where you can hang out with friends. The most important thing is to use your imagination and adapt the object to your individual needs.

Bespoke cabin – gym

It is difficult to change the rhythm of life when there is a lack of time, but there is always a solution – to create better conditions for activities in your home. Sports are no exception. However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that heavy exercise machines don’t fit in every house, and the constant picking or moving them from one room to another doesn’t contribute to motivating you to exercise more often.

Therefore, small bespoke log cabins are treated as a great opportunity to create extra space for your hobby. For example, the building of your gym could make staying active all year round much easier. Such a building will have many other advantages, for instance, you will save time playing sports at a time convenient for you. It is also important to mention that turning a wooden house into your gym will create a unique space for your individual needs – one of the biggest advantages of such a gym will always be privacy, which is valuable not only for the time saved. It also creates the opportunity to do sports alone, without worrying about your level of physical fitness or appearance during training.

Bespoke cabin – office

With the drastic lifestyle change – more time constantly spent at home -much more attention started to be paid to the creation of personal workspaces. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of people came up with an idea to turn their summer houses into offices. After all, this way you don’t have to equate your rest area with your work environment.

The wide range of construction options allows you to use your imagination and create both the interior and exterior of this wooden house without the need to plan a living space that requires specific functionalities, which often have to be combined with the original look of the house.

When designing a log cabin for work, it is especially important to ensure that there is enough light in it. While built-in modern lighting can do a lot, there is no better choice than a large amount of daylight. This will not only save you electricity but will also make your office space look much bigger. It is worth noting that bright interior colors could also contribute to a greater sense of space. Although you feel the urge for nature when choosing from bespoke log cabins uk for workspace, you should not give up combining wood with other finishing materials in the interior of the house. In this way, mobile homes will not only become much more modern but will also have a unique interior.

Bespoke cabin – auxiliary building

Although ancillary buildings are still mostly designed as simple, rectangular boxes, they can be found on almost every plot today. It is good to know that you could easily make it from bespoke cabins built in your garden and store a wide variety of items, from firewood to garden tools.

The biggest advantage of turning a wooden house into an auxiliary building is the individual layout of the premises and spaces. Although from a practical point of view, the design of an outbuilding is not a top priority, it is significant. A tasteless, unsuitable pantry can completely ruin the view in the yard. No less attention should be paid to the interior installation of such a building.

If you decide to install such a building in your yard, it is important to know that, due to its small size, the house will not require a building permit, such a building must maintain a regulated distance (it cannot be built closer than 3 meters to the plot boundary). If the distance is shorter, the written consent of the owner of the neighboring plot must be obtained before construction begins. The fire distance must also be observed.

Leisure house in your garden

When deciding to design your bespoke cabins, you should not restrict your imagination. Individually designed bespoke cabins and cottages can be quite modern, with large panoramic windows, a terrace of various shapes, or even several doors and windows decorated with traditional, classic, or modern elements.

The advanced construction technologies of these times allow you to fulfill your biggest fantasies, even if it is a fairytale house your children have dreamed of. By choosing such a cottage design on your plot, modern mobile homes can become not only a great playroom for the little ones but also function as an additional living space to accommodate visiting friends or relatives.

Paying a lot of attention to the exterior of such cottages, it is worth noting to take care of quality wood protection. Aging wood gradually changes color and appearance, which is particularly affected by the protective equipment used. According to experts, when choosing wood finishing materials, the most common question is whether a transparent or opaque finish would be more suitable for the house.

When it comes to the transparent protection of logs, experts recommend applying such a finish to a smoother, planned surface. The truth is, the durability of the transparent coating  especially depends on climatic conditions. For example, the decoration of a rarely solar-heated side of a log home may not change at all after 15 years, and the sunny, south side may require renovation after a couple of years. However, one of the major advantages of translucent measures is that a thin-layer coating is much easier to replace than an opaque coating because it does not flake off, but simply fades or fades from the sun.

Another, no less important criterion when choosing a finish layer could be how often will you have to repeat it. For example, a transparent finish needs to be repeated much more often than an opaque one. However, more than transparent wood preservatives, experts recommend tinted varnishes. This is because the pigment they contain (i.e. the color particles) better stops the UV radiation that tries to break down the cells on the surface of the wood. The more colored particles, the slower the surface of the wood ages. In other words, the stronger and less transparent the color of the wood paint, the better this wood is protected from the sun. In this case, the wooden house itself becomes more durable.

The effectiveness and durability of the house’s protective equipment are also influenced by the quality of the paint binder used in the protective equipment, as it forms a more or less dense film that protects the wood surface from external moisture. This protection is important because constant fluctuations in humidity cause the wood to expand and contract, which leads to its decomposition.

Open bespoke cabins

Who said wooden cottages can’t be open design? Yes, this is a very modern approach to bespoke log cabins, but if the main time you spend time on your garden plot is family reunions in the warm season, this is a great idea to provide even more comfort.

Although this type of holiday home will only be used during the warm season, do not opt ​​for temporary outdoor furniture or a floating outdoor table. A well-equipped lounge with tables, chairs, and comfortable chairs will take your family gatherings to a whole new level. Do not limit yourself to the exterior of the mobile home, invest in the interior as well. You will be amazed at how much change modern lamps, cozy pillows, and other decor elements can bring.

Why is it worth of investing?

Given that mobile homes became more popular in our country only a few years ago, it is not surprising that there are still many myths making you hesitate in choosing a wooden home for your needs. However, given the ever-increasing construction possibilities and the extremely wide purpose of such cottages, bespoke log cabins uk can be considered a great investment that allows you to meet your individual needs to the maximum.

For those who want to be more aware of the prices of mobile homes, it is worth knowing that the market is full of offers available for practically every budget. The mobile homes are usually divided into 5 price categories, which range from 5,000 to 20,000 euros, therefore everyone can find an individual choice, depending on their budget.

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