Asphalt Testing Solutions from Anton Paar

Post by : Sam Allcock on 27.08.2021

Regulatory requirements for asphalt testing have intensified significantly in recent years. Compliance with bitumen testing standards such as AASHTO, ASTM FGSV, DIN EN, IS, SATS, AGPT, GOST, and others can be difficult to maintain. For testing laboratories, we understand that complying with these standards is especially crucial, and requires precise,
comprehensive testing equipment. 

But with asphalt measuring solutions from Anton Paar, testing labs do more than just stay compliant with all updates to international standards – they also save money, reduce environmental impact, and provide
straightforward data that leads to more durable, higher performance projects.

Take control of your future with Anton Paar’s industry-leading asphalt measurement solutions:

• Rheometers for the complete rheological characterisation of asphalt binders, to analyse essential characteristics such as processability
• Particle size analysers to optimise bitumen emulsions and stability
• Density meters for heavy petroleum samples
• Gas pycnometers to measure the density of bituminous semi-solids, asphalt binders, and mixtures with paving requirements
• Viscometers to perform viscosity analysis of asphalt and bitumen samples at different temperatures
• Penetration testers to determine bitumen hardness
• Flash point testers to maximize safety during transportation and storage
• Sample preparation for elemental analysis and quality assurance

Contact us, or visit our dedicated asphalt resource hub to learn more about how Anton Paar instruments can be used to optimise asphalt production and testing processes.

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