Add Character to Your Home with These Small Details

Post by : Elliot Preece on 23.05.2022

Adding character to your home isn’t just about the big pieces of furniture like a statement sofa or an ornate bookcase, but the character is all in the details. Make small design changes with a coat of paint, a new set of curtains or a fun new door handle, and add in accessories like cushions or an elegant lamp to really add your own personal touch to any home. Read through this list to find ways you can add character to any home.

Make use of colour

Whether you want your home to be vibrant sunshine yellow or you prefer more of a muted and calming blue, make use of paint all throughout your home. Transform those old drab kitchen cupboards with a lick of paint to really show who you are and make your home a talking point. Colourful furniture can reshape a whole room, and if you choose the colours yourself you’ll want to spend even more time there.

Change up your curtains

Although they’re practical, blinds are not generally the prettiest to look at. Invest in some curtains either to replace them or to place them over the top to add some character to any room. Play around with both colours and patterns as well as different materials to see what best fits each individual room. Try changing this up seasonally, opting for heavier curtains during the winter months to keep the heat in and lighter, airier curtains in summer to make the room feel spacious and cool.

Focus on lighting

Make your home feel cosy and personal with great lighting. Where you can, make a space sunny and full of natural light during the day, and at night ditch those bright and ugly overhead lights. Place standing lamps in corners and smaller statement lamps on surfaces you want to draw attention to. Make these even more personal by adding luxurious patterned lampshades to show off your true character.

Change out those door handles

There are doors all over your home – to enter every room, on every drawer and every cupboard. Build character in your home by swapping out the plain old door handles for more fun, exciting ones. Bring some class and refinery into your home with some jewelled or golden door handles, or create a rustic, homey environment by scouring thrift shops and car boot sales for patterned ceramic ones with history.

Add cushions

Your bed, your sofa, your dining chairs, basically anywhere you sit you can decorate with cushions. The great thing about cushions is that you can mix and match, and most cushion covers are removable so you can update your rooms with the seasons and the trends. Go for coherent colour schemes or bold statement cushions to draw the eye and really add something special to your home.

Try out some of these ideas to add character to your home. You’ll soon see that small details can make all the difference and really transform any living space.

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