A brief History of the Casino

Post by : Sam Allcock on 15.03.2021

As a society, we have been obsessed with gaming throughout history, whether choosing a winner in the battle against gladiators in the ring or betting on what number a ball will land on. The innovations betting has gone through can be dated back to centuries ago.

The casino industry we know today has been influenced by history. The popularity of casino not on Gamstop games we play today both in-person and online were coined years ago. To gain a greater understanding we must look back over the archives to find out the real history of the casino and to see how much it has changed – join today. We also gain an understanding as to where some of our favourite games came from.

The origin of the casino

Throughout history, gambling seems to have become a tradition, with participants of each generation and community enjoying betting.  In about 2300 B.C., the first gaming was documented by the Chinese, where tiles were discovered that coincided to the amusement of people playing with each other while ancient Egyptian dice were also identified, stretching back to about 1500 B.C. It’s almost impossible to describe the precise date when gambling was invented. We seem to have decided that gambling was created when the first casino was invented. Despite the popularity of gambling there was never a set place to gamble, this all changed in 1638 when the first casino was made. Despite the creation of the casino, the definition did not appear for many years. The word casino was not coined until the 18/9th century.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become the most popular and well-known casino setting in the world. You cannot think of or visit Las Vegas without going to a casino. The creation of Las Vegas casinos began over a hundred years ago in 1905. Funnily enough this world renowed money making machine is all due to a group of railworkers. They were busy trying to connect major cities together and wanted some time to unwind and relax. Before you knew it, Las Vegas became the casino capital. 

Game creation

Casino games have been around for centuries. Games that are popular today have been popular for longer than you have been alive. Nowadays we play them online, they are accessible to everyone but this advancement in casinos would never have happened without the original game creations.


Blackjack is a firm favourite in a casino. Everyone has either heard of or has played blackjack before. It is a simple yet addictive game. The origins of blackjack are not known however there have been speculations. People usually guess that it comes from the 1700s French casinos, where a game called Vingt-et-Un, a direct translation for 21, was played. Some casino historians, conversely, suspect that Blackjacks foundations arise from Spain. Spanish gamblers played a three-card version of blackjack, One and Thirty, where they needed to get as close to 31 as possible. Historians suspect that Blackjack was based on that game. Whatever the origins, there is no denying that Blackjack is and will always be a popular casino game.

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