6 Ways Your Home Is Bad For The Environment & How To Fix Them

Post by : Elliot Preece on 09.08.2019

These days we can be sure that the awareness of environmental issues is on the rise with the number of issues such as global warming is receiving in the news. A lot of the focus is on big business and how governments can implement legislation to sort out these problems. But there is also a lot of things that all of us can do in our own homes.

Poor Quality Insulation

Many homes that were built some time ago have issues with ineffectual insulation, resulting in greater heat loss during cold months and more fossil fuels being burned and your bills being higher as well. There are three types of home insulation, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and underfloor insulation. Most of these can be easily upgraded if necessary, older properties without cavity walls maybe a little more difficult but there are ways.

Over-use Of Sprinklers

If you like to keep a nice lawn then it’s going to be likely that you will need to water it in the summer months. If you are wanting to be environmentally friendly though it’s important not to overdo it, water wastage can be a serious issue these days.

Buying Cheap Goods That Don’t Last

When shopping for household items it’s important to be aware of the fact that the cheapest option is not always the most economical and best value for money. If you are buying things that are 20% cheaper but lasts half the time then you can see how much more you will be spending. If we take an example of your mattress, a good mattress would last up to eight years but a cheap one may need replacing after only two or three. Take the time to find a great mattress and it will not only help your pocket but the environment as well as it’s less waste.

Not Taking Advantage Of Solar & Other Renewables

You can make use of many types of renewable energy but solar is the one that we feel is the best for long-term sustainable energy creation. These can be installed on a whole range of different homes and there are many great options to choose from, get advice from expert solar installers t find those most suited to your house.

Lack Of Recycling

Not recycling or recycling in the wrong way can be a terrible way to be environmentally unfriendly. For example, putting things in the wrong recycling bin is referred to as recycling contamination and usually ends up in the contaminant material simply being sent to landfill.

Hidden Plastics

Did you know the extent of the problem of single-use plastics? It’s been big news and we are all trying to cut down on plastic bags etc, but there are so many hidden plastics in the system. Did you know, that teabags and wet wipes have large amounts in them and microbeads can be found in all manner of products such as toothpaste and lotions.

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