5 Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

Post by : Emily Bennet on 14.03.2019

As the years go on, renewable energy is becoming more popular and the underlying technology constantly improving. Global climate change is a major issue that we are having to deal with and renewable energy sources provide a great eco-friendly alternative of power to your home. Other advantages include a reduction in energy bills, and in some cases, your electric can get you some money back. Due to the large number of renewable energy options, it can be a bit overwhelming when making a decision. So, today, we will be exploring five methods of powering your home using renewable energy. 

Solar Panels

When deciding on an ethical way to power your home, solar panels are a great place to start. Their popularity is most likely due to solar being highly effective. In the past, power could only be generated if the sun was shining. However, new technological advancements mean this is no longer an issue. These days, the system is able to store leftover energy in a battery for evening use. There are schemes available that allow you to retain the energy that you generate instead of having to sell it back to the grid, meaning you will never lack power. 

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines harness energy that is created by the wind to generate electricity. You can have either a freestanding version or a roof mounted version. You can have the turbine connected to either a remote battery or to the grid. There are many companies who can install a turbine for you. If you’re handy, then you can purchase a kit and install it yourself. 

Hydroelectric Power

If your property has a water supply, a little stream, for example, hydroelectric power is definitely worth considering. Water flow will turn the turbines, then the energy is captured and converted into power that can be used for your home. Microsystems that provide power to private dwellings are recognised as ‘run-of-river’ installations. Hydro is deemed as a reliable source of renewable energy. 

Solar Water Heating

This form of renewable energy works by the sun warming up the water. Solar heating can be used along with a regular boiler. Heat in the system may need to be topped up using your boiler during winter, but apart from that, the system should function all year. Recycled materials can be used to create a system, but ready-made ones are also available. 

Ground Source Heat Pumps

For this system to work, heat is extracted from underground. The heat pump will require an area of land for installation. Pipes will be installed in the land either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. Due to the underground temperature remaining constant, ground source heat pumps are a reliable source of energy which can be used throughout the year. But installation does require digging up your garden.

Some sources of renewable energy will suit some people more than others, making research very important before making your decision. Your location and knowing what will work best for you as well as working out the payback time needs to be understood before you choose your new renewable energy source. 

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