5 Most Effective Bird Proofing Techniques for Your Solar Panels

Post by : Elliot Preece on 29.04.2024

Solar panels are a great way to lower your energy bill sustainably. These systems are a joy to not only the homeowners but also the birds who nest under them. Even though it may sound like a perk, the nesting risks the birds and the solar panel system. For this reason, homeowners need bird proofing techniques to keep the birds at bay safely. Here is what to do!

1. Solar Panel Bird Mesh

The use of wire mesh barriers is common and has been in use for more than two decades. They work by barring the perimeter of the solar panels, thus preventing the birds from nesting under them. When choosing the wire mesh, ensure it is small enough to prevent the birds from nesting underneath while allowing for adequate ventilation for the panels.

2. Bird Repellent System (Automated)

At the mention of repellent, most people shift their thinking to insect repellents that we apply to our skin. However, the bird-repellent system works differently as it is automated. The system produces sound and light to repel birds and other animals that may nest under the solar system. Whenever a bird tries to perch or get close to the panels, the system emits lights or sounds that the animals hate.

3. Bird Spikes and Wires

These bird spikes are designed to prevent birds from perching on the solar panels. While there are many types available, the most effective ones are those made from flexible plastic. These spikes inflict a small but significant amount of pain on the birds, thus discouraging them from landing. Their greatest advantage is that they are lightweight, easy to install, and remove when needed.

4. Visual Deterrents

Of all the methods, this is the most non-intrusive technique for bird proofing solar panels. Even though you can use them alone, they are best effective when used alongside other methods. Some of the options you can use include using reflective tape, scare balloons, and decoys of predators.

5. Electric Shock System

The last bird-proofing technique on our list is the electric shock system. As the name suggests, it is an electric shock system that emits some shock when the birds come into contact with it. We know it sounds unsafe for the birds, but it is not.

The shock system uses very low-voltage electrical pulses that are utterly harmless to the birds. The only thing the system does is create an uncomfortable sensation, just as you would feel if you touched the end of a plugged-in phone charger.


As you can see, there are many ways to deter birds from nesting and perching on your solar panels. The best thing is that all of them are safe for the birds as they majorly scare the birds and make the conditions unconducive for nesting. With the many methods available, you may need to contact a bird-proofing expert to help you pick the most ideal one, depending on your type of roof and the effectiveness you desire.

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