3 Ways Custom Stickers can Help Grow Your Business

Post by : Sam Allcock on 24.11.2020

In the new few minutes, we’re going to uncover the hidden gems of stickers & how they can help grow your business. 

We’ll also talk about how to use stickers effectively, so you don’t waste your time or money on the wrong thing.

Let’s get stuck in; why should you consider using stickers as a tool for growth?

Stickers are an incredible tool to grow your business, whether it’s small or large, because of their really low cost & that they’re not perceived to be advertising. If you give people a sticker, most of them will see it as a gift.

Giving gifts is an established tactic to improve sales because of the rule of reciprocity in social psychology.

How can you effectively use custom stickers to grow your business? Here are our top three recommendations.

1. Include custom branded stickers with all orders

Adding a 5x5cm custom sticker to your packaging so your best customers & brand advocates can show their loyalty to your brand can be powerful.

As stickers are such a low cost adding them to your product packaging is a no brainer. There are good reasons brands like Apple include stickers with their products.

Many consumers say they’re highly likely to buy based on word of mouth recommendations. Google has done lots of research and says there are 3+ billion mentions of brands per day & 90+% of these mentions occur offline. 

Imagine your logo being seen by commuters on packed trains. That can be powerful. Don’t miss out on this word-of-mouth marketing tool – add stickers to all your orders!

2. Give stickers at exhibitions

Giving stickers can also apply when networking, depending on your niche.

The question is, how do you create an enduring impact when meeting people? You’ll likely have incurred a sizable expense & energy getting to your event. You don’t want most people to neglect your new business as soon as they’ve left the exhibition.

Stickers are an invaluable way not to be forgotten by giving your business a presence in a customer’s office or home.

Investing in a premium sticker that looks remarkable when applied to a laptop, and will continually be seen by your potential customer, can help close sales.

3. Make an impression with floor graphics

Large custom stickers applied to the floor of your premises are more common today since Coronavirus. Why not turn your dull 2m social distancing floor sticker into an enjoyable experience with your brand?

If you’re investing in floor stickers, why not put in a little more effort and stand out a little.

4. Bonus – Leave a lasting impression when you deliver your service

Here’s an extra idea for the service business owners & marketers. 

If you provide a service where you go to the customer, why not leave them with a label on something relevant to the service you’ve just provided.

And we’re not just talking about spam. Suppose you’ve got clients where, for example, you’re servicing electrical meters for or their new solar PV roof installation. Why not leave your details in the form of a sticker. It’s long-lasting & super useful for when your customer needs to contact you next time. No more having to rifle through drawers full of receipts looking for your business card or through an inbox with 8000 other unread messages. Your details are precisely where they need them.

We hope you find these ideas useful for growing your business with custom stickers. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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